BST starts next Sunday how it affects eBay Auctions

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Cat Clock smThis coming Sunday, the 27th of March British Summer Time begins. Everyone loses an hour’s sleep but no one cares as the evenings get longer and at last there’s a good chance that you’ll get home from work while it’s still light.

One thing that will change is what time your eBay auctions end. If you started a seven day auction today at 7pm, then next Sunday it’ll finish at 8pm. This is because eBay will still give you a full 168 hours (7 days each 24 hours long). I your listing finished at 7pm after the clocks change then you’d be short changed and only get 167 hours.

This does mean that if you generally have your auctions end late in the evening that they might finish after all your bidders have gone to bed. You have been warned.

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  1. I’d love to know how many sellers expect a 3 day auction listing to run for exactly 72 hours, and how many want the auction to end at a fairly precise time.
    Surely it would be better to have auctions end at the same time of day they’re started at, whether or not we lose or gain an hour ?
    There must be loads of sellers twice a year scratching their heads trying to work out if auctions will end an hour earlier or later, and quite a few will of course guess wrongly.

  2. Here we go the annual bollocks about an hour,
    List international !someone will be awake what ever time it ends ,

  3. Surely at what time an Auction or indeed any other Listing ends is more important to a Buyer rather than a Seller. Sellers hope that every item listed sells and should not be that concerned if it is a hour either way.

    However Buyers if they are really interested in buying will stay up and bid to the end if they expect the item to be that attractive to other Buyers. Otherwise they should bid on it and go to bed and hope that nobody else jumps in later.

    I know from the Books that I sell on Auction that often there is only one bidder and as I have priced the Book at a fair price the Buyer is getting a Fair Deal.

    As Easter is now so very close May I take this opportunity to Wish Everybody at or on Tamebay a very happy Easter although the Weather Reports that I have seen indicate that it will not be Sunny and Warm so Typical Bank Holiday Weather.

  4. What about watchers? They note the auction end time and want to bid at the last minute. How often do you get messages in the period after the clock changes questioning why you as a seller changed the auction finish time? More so when we move from BST to GMT of course.

    On the “sunny and warm at easter” theme it depends where you are. I can guarantee it will be sunny and warm during my Easter break! 🙂


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