eBay UK surprise Easter Holiday Flash Sale Coupon Code

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Today, on Thursday 31st March between 4pm and 10pm BST there will be a for users with a UK Paypal account. You can get up to £50 off your eBay purchase today but it will only apply to UK registered PayPal purchases.

UPDATE: We have eBay’s 20% off coupon code for today:

There is a minimum spend of £20 and the maximum coupon value is £50 so spend up to £250 to get the maximum discount. (The discount doesn’t apply to P&P)

One coupon per customer but it will apply to your total basket, not individual items. To get maximum benefit add multiple items to your basket and spend £250 to get the maximum £50 off.

CUK20 DiscountI’ve already taken advantage of the full £50 discount with a couple of items I had on my watch list to buy later – I don’t need them yet but with fifty quid off I’ll store them a couple of weeks until I do need them! Let us know in comments how much you save.

Last time eBay ran a flash sale many small businesses benefited. If you’ve a little free time between now and 4pm we’d recommend you get an email promo out to all your customers letting them know that they can save 20% of purchases from you today and of course tweet and Facebook too.

40 Responses

  1. …just tried to purchase £266 worth of stuff (various sellers) and the whole thing has messed up.

    I have no idea if the order has gone through.

    eBay are showing the payment as pending, yet there are more than enough funds to cover the order in PayPal. No message from either eBay or PayPal as to the state of play so I am left in limbo – did I just purchase these items or not and most importantly, did I get the discount via the code provided??? – as I wouldn’t normally have placed this order today.

    You would think they would have got this right before launching it!!

    …annoyed punter.

  2. Great was watching an item & saved £15 off £75 item would have cost £83.50 elsewere so well Happy 🙂

  3. Just emailed a guy who purchased from us at lunchtime thinking I’m doing a good deed, told him about the code, refunded him so he could buy again with the £50 discount and he bought one from somebody else. LOL.

    Time for gin, no tonic, hold the ice.

  4. A 6 hour sale on a business day when I dont even get home on time, great! They even mess up the good news

  5. Eventually the discount code worked for us however noticed that paypal have taken the full amount, there’s others reporting the same thing, during checkout it says you saved xxx amount however paypal is taking the full payment not the discounted one,
    ebay can’t even set this up properly.

  6. I had the same issue as Pete, (above), maybe it’s our name! It did eventually go through, but 30 mins later eBay emailed me to say they were unable to take payment and to retry. I try again and the voucher code no longer works.
    I sign into PayPal to see all the original payments that were successfully completed have now been refunded to me!
    Currently on hold to eBay CS, who wants to bet I’ll never get through tonight? Another poorly thought out ‘promotion’ it seems.

  7. Well, well, well so lots of problems on ebay according to downdetector – what a surprise when there’s a promo running !
    Have a look at the comments on downdetector – not good reading at all, with at least one thinking like me, that ebay must be feeling the pinch to be doing this as well as the unlimited free listings which end tonight.
    No sales this evening for me, so no benefit in that sense from this promo, and I’ve got too many bills to pay to go splashing the cash if I’m not selling enough to cover it.
    Hope the majority of you gain from it one way or another.
    By the way, this message posted at 9.47pm, so tamebay clock is wrong perhaps ?

  8. Well that didn’t work for me. Coincidentially the Mrs sent me a link for a Dyson Vacumm cleaner that is on sale at the moment. An extra 20% would have sealed the deal for me but when I try to pay I got the message. “We are having a technical hiccup and Paypal isn’t available right now”.
    So I change to the option for credit or debit card, only to be told that “If you switch your payment method, we can no longer apply vouchers or donations to your order.”
    Thanks for nothing Ebay!

  9. Didnt work for me, paypal technical issues apparently.

    Usual ebay farce, just ike the CTWENTY joke last year. Not surprised one bit, i have screenshots clearly showing it was done long before 10pm, but no doub be like the last one and require ASA intervntion to get anywhere with it

    Farce again, no wonder ebay is losing customers

  10. Nice and busy on eBay last night but one guy already asking how we managed to dispatch his bath to Ireland so quickly. I guess it’s going to be one of those Fridays.

  11. Didn’t hear about this discount code until Tamebay newsletter dropped in my inbox at 10.04am on 1st April – a bit late for an offer that expired yesterday!
    I have 3 Ebay accounts and there was no notification from Ebay to any of those about the code.
    Some April Fool’s joke!

  12. ASA = advertising standards agency.

    Also trading standards as the offer was simply none usable despite being advertised as such.

    In the end I got an email from some eBay head honcho apologising and offered me the full discount back into my PayPal account. The service from eBay is absolutely shambolic at best, basically repetitive cut and paste responses saying, more or less saying “whatever”. So I stood my ground and kept pushing, the ASA said they got inundated with complaints so they pursued eBay to get it sorted.

    I’ll be going that route again, it’s not the £50 it’s the principle of it. You advertise an offer, you are legally obliged to see it through. One or two issues are solvable, but again ebays incompetence saw hundreds, if not more unable to use it.

  13. Thanks for sending me this a day late Tamebay! Your message to me only arrived this morning! I have complained about this before but you never replied. You have a habit of ignoring my direct emails. It’s very sad.

  14. Missed this alert as it only arrived today.
    On a good day I get Tamebay emails late in the day. Other days I get them the next day. I’m running a small business on ebay & my own website & have no problems with any other messages. I have signed up to Tamebay 3 times because of this problem but it does not make any difference on my own ISP, gmail & sky. They all come late or the next day. Perhaps someone at Tamebay would like to comment on this? Dan? Chris? Are you there? I forwarded today’s late email on to Chris for comment but as yet no reply. Also your time clock is slow. I am posting this at 13.41

  15. Had 5 items in my basket, mid purchase it throws out 4 of the items and only discounts 1 item. They cant even do offers right!

  16. I made a purchase with the discount code last, it said paid then today I have email saying something went wrong, so I’ve missed out on 20% off I’m very disappointed in eBay

  17. Devin Wenig gives the money pipe a shake, as the dollar bills have stopped coming out.

    He yells to one of the other execs, hey guys, the money’s stopped coming thru’, what gives?

    The other exec tells him the site is f****d – the searches don’t work, the checkout doesn’t work, people can’t log in, the messages don’t work, the buyers have all gone to Amazon.

    What now, boss?

    Wenig thinks a moment and looks ruefully down the empty money pipe.

    Suddenly inspiration strikes!

    I got it guys, let’s hike up the seller fees !!!

  18. No problems at all for me. Straight to the Royal Mail eBay store and purchased new issue stamps at 80% of their face value! Nice one eBay!


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