eBay UK to launch new TV advert this year

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eBay Ad Filming St AlbanseBay are to launch a new TV advert later this year, at least that’s what we’d expect as they’ve been filming on location in St Albans last Friday according to the Herts Advertiser.

Expect the advert to be based around an apocalypse theme, we know that there were Zombies on location.

eBay haven’t been a frequent TV advertiser in the past. They had a five year break between 2007 and 2012 before returning with their “eBay, Your Shopping Universe” series of adverts.

eBay 2012-13 Ad Series


PayPal have been regular TV advertisers with the “New Money” advert being the latest, but PayPal of course are no longer part of the eBay family.

It will be interesting to see how the advert looks when it’s finally aired, if you live in St Albans and saw the filming, let us know what was going on.

9 Responses

  1. , “we know that there were Zombies on location.”

    ebay must be using their customer services staff to cut costs

  2. Well, I cannot for the life of me see how selling products could be fitted in with the end of the world. It sounds pretty sick, to be honest.

    I am not even sure I want to know. I think it will put customers off. It puts me off!

  3. its an advert? thought it was ebay reading the writing on the wall….
    The end is nigh….

  4. Lets hope is not as bad as the radio car parts one that is an insult to eBay’s customers the sellers where the advert says eBay will ignore all the sellers terms and conditions of the sale at the end like its some sort of joke or dig at the sellers.

  5. eBay must be struggling with competition now.
    I notice a LOT more adverts on radio than I ever used to.

    Has anybody considered any alternatives such as Shpock and Vinted?

  6. Has anyone else gone dead’ A business forum thread started 20 days ago that now runs in to 11 pages. Sellers are suffering we need improvements fast.

  7. Yesterday was very good over 50 sales between 9am and leaving at 6pm then 7 more by 8pm then it all stopped since last night till now 2pm today 4 sales.

    Guess I have had my quota of sales for this week back to invisibility for a few days


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