Thursday’s eBay CUK20 Flash sale a huge success

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eBay flash saleFor those who heard about it in time, Thursday’s CUK20 Flash Sale on eBay was by all accounts well received and we’ve been pleased to hear from sellers that they saw strong sales that evening as well. This is the second Flash Sale from eBay in recent times, the last CUKFLASH sale was in October.

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One message we’ve heard loud and clear at Tamebay HQ is that news of the promotion arrived on Friday morning’s email and of course that was too late for you to take advantage of the 20% discount.

While we do our best to make sure that we get the news published as quickly as possible, our daily newsletter goes out around 10am each weekday and by the very nature of a Flash Sale we had very little notice. To make sure you get Tamebay news as and when it happens you can also follow us on twitter. like Tamebay’s page on Facebook or sign up for Tamebay’s RSS feed.

eBay Feedback on the CUK20 Flash Sale

We’ve also had some feedback from eBay who told us:

  • Again – customers loved the coupon. We know they love a bargain and these events are extremely popular – even as a surprise event we saw enormous traffic on the evening.

  • Huge numbers of customers got a bargain and sellers benefited from the event – including a huge jump in traffic between 9pm and 10pm. Perhaps people returning from Easter school holiday days out/shopping while on the couch watching TV.

  • Again, like the last Flash event in October, we saw strong interest across categories and with sellers big and small benefitting. We worked directly with some of our sellers to make sure that best-selling ranges were front and centre for customers and this is something we want to do even more in the future.

  • We know sellers love these bold events and big deals. We’re looking forward to surprising customers more promotional events in 2016…

Coupon glitches

Unfortunately we’ve heard from some eBay users that they had trouble using the coupon. eBay have told us that they’ll make good on their offer and will be in touch saying: “Our coupon campaign on 31st March proved to be hugely popular with customers. Due to huge customer demand, a number of customers were not able to process their coupon. We apologise to customers for any disappointment. We will be in touch with customers who, on 31st March between 4pm and 10pm, processed a transaction or entered the coupon at checkout but were unable to redeem the coupon“.

13 Responses

  1. More eBay bull**** and you fall for it every time!!! Perhaps if yo did some research on social media sites you would find more unhappy customers than happy!!!

  2. Lossmaking turnover to boost Q1 figures? (Q1 ended – you guessed it – 31st March)

  3. What ever ebay do someones not happy and whinges
    Get real and move on its business ,if anyone thinks ebay did this out of love their deluded

  4. It was a success to me I sold 8 x £250 items to 8 of my own buying accounts and after fees made £200 profit with no risks of returns or INR etc

    Thanks eBay for some free money for clicking a few buttons

  5. Now its the 50000 free listing offer so time to close the Anchor shop and flip the accounts for a month to save a month worth of shop fees

    Thanks again eBay

  6. I had a uplift in sales, but eBay has actually been pretty good as of late for sales , considering I class this as my slow time of year. It is Amazon that has been slow for me, I have stopped sending games in there till the so called wholesalers stop selling my lines direct to the public.
    I only seen it myself with about an hour to go on another site, so made use of it for my own mail supplies.
    20% is 20%.


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