Royal Mail reveals new Click & Drop features

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Royal Mail has announced new features in it’s Click & Drop product.

Click & Drop is the service provided to businesses and private senders that enables them to buy and print barcoded postage labels online without the need to manually input the address of each individual buyer

The new features mean that senders using the service will now have the ability to download orders from multiple marketplaces or their website to Click & Drop. Marketplace sellers can automatically upload shipping details including tracking numbers to the marketplace, which can help inform buyers their items have been dispatched. Senders will also be able to access Royal Mail’s address look-up service to improve address accuracy and first time delivery success.

Other developments to Click & Drop include new warehouse management capability enabling sender to build a product catalogue, the ability to create shipping rules which will automatically assign a shipping service to the weight or value of an order.

Royal Mail has also developed a new warehouse management capability within its Click & Drop solution to help customers manage their stock more effectively. This will enable sellers to build a product catalogue, store product details, warehouse location numbers and parcel dimensions to speed up order processing.

Nick Landon, Managing Director of Royal Mail Parcels, said: “The enhancements to our online postage solution Click & Drop are yet another step Royal Mail is taking to improve convenience for our customers. This is also part of Royal Mail’s strategy of investment in IT, to support its on-going transformation and make it easier for customers to access our services.”

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  1. A few problems with this service that I have highlighted with the rep that phoned me,

    The printer is £150 plus VAT,

    The label is massive, 6″ x 4″,

    Virtually the same size as an A envelope,

    You need to know the final weight before the parcel is packed ,

    OBA is a lot easier as you work out cost at the end,

    If you sell a lot of small light single items when people buy multiples you need to know the final weight before the item is packed including the weight of the label,

    Some items are now 99 grams with my small label changing to the big label will mean it will go up a weight increment as new labels are probably 5 grams instead of 2 grams,

    The labels are not fantastic quality they are thermal labels, but they do mark when rubbed against other parcels, so address will be unreadable after going through the system,

    And of course Royal Mail have the right to change it at any moment for no reason, delivered by Royal Mail PPI labels for example,

    Other than this a fantastic idea 🙁

  2. After seeing this I signed this up last night and linked to my main eBay store . Amazon I tend to use them. I have the printer etc and already use thermal labels.
    I have more than 1 eBay store however, and sell on other marketplaces like GAME and Own site. My own site and others are not connected so will have to use OBA and PPI still. My question to RMG as I phoned them do they want it all in separate bags again. It is a nightmare as it is getting bags as it is.
    It take 72 hours to get this up and running so will give it a shot.
    RMG tell me however I can still put e.g all my Click/Buy orders in one bag with OBA orders as long as same service is used, and hand over 2 invoices. They say they are going to integrate with other marketplaces later in the year. Will see how it goes, if is like the benny hill show getting my mail together can just switch back to OBA for the lot.

  3. Soon everybody has to change to DMO or 2d barcode label which requires a thermal printer.
    I can not understand, why you do not use one royal mail account for all sites

  4. Well got it and tried it. Error Error error, it was like the Benny Hill show. Switched it off just like DMO last year. Sent everything OBA took 10 minutes.
    You do get a nice graph showing you how much you have sold over the weekend however.

  5. I have to admit that DMO is difficult to setup at the beginning, however, it worth it at the end.

    You need to contact royalmail technical support and they will help you to map DMO.
    Also it is cheap to run, you will get the label free . the label is sticking very well whereas PPI used come off easily.
    Also all the tracking details will be on the system and no need to keep the books.
    Also from October you will get a free delivery confirmation with standard 24h, 48h large letter and packet .


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