Goofbid Sniping Tool soon to be available as a mobile app


Goofbid FeatGoofbid, who have a suite of eBay tools including their well known sniper, have a brand new smart phone app coming at the end of this month. Tamebay readers can be the first to get the app by registering on the Goofbid site.

The Goofbid app will be available on both iOS & Android for mobile and tablet and it’s free to download.

Those who will love the app most are people that use Goofbid’s sniper. ‘Snniping’ is when you enter a bid in the dying seconds of an auction, it’s a way to place your bid without giving anyone else time to outbid you. Sniping is the best way to win an auction for the lowest price as you bid the amount you’re willing to pay as late as possible in the auction. Other bidders won’t even know you’re lurking in the wings waiting to submit your bid until it’s too late. You can of course snipe manually which is great fun, but for those of us with busy lives who can’t be at their computers 24/7, a sniping tool automates the procedure and is much more reliable than manually sniping.

You’ll be able to manage your snipes on the Goofbid app as well as create new snipes, edit existing snipes or delete them if you no longer want to win the eBay auctions. The aim is to enable you to always be in control of any auction you wish to win and to be able to snipe on the move – not only when you’re sat at your computer.

You’ll also get access to most of Goofbid’s other search tools functions on the app.

We’ll be reviewing the Goofbid app as soon as we’re given access, but register today to get your own app as soon as it’s released.


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