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Formed in November 2006, Just Applications was created by eBay sellers (Darren Ardener & Sean Sale), realising there must be an easier way to sell items on eBay and save time in the process.

Just Ship IT – Order Management (Printing, Despatch, Customer Records)

just-ship-itThe primary focus was processing sold items and ensuring it was easy! This was achieved by downloading, printing and despatching all of the orders in one easy-to-use system, a one-click download button was created that saved hours of time wasting each day.

Advancement in technology moved the initial desktop application to an online version, this allowed us to deploy updates so much faster along with the ability to use the application anywhere, even from your mobile!

The system downloads the orders automatically, just refresh and the orders are there ready to print & despatch. Larger users have the ability to use the pick wave feature, this is ideal for isolating the orders into groups.

Courier Integration is also available, within a few clicks you can print, despatch and create your courier labels.

See our product page here for more details and special offers.

Ad-Lister – eBay listing tool

ad-listerOnce we saved time with the Order Management, we then looked into the other time wasting task of ‘listing’ and we created an easier way!

Ad-Lister was made to be the master product store. All the images and product data were kept within the application, this allowed products to be created in bulk and then listed on to eBay when the stock was available. Seasonal items can also be kept within the system so products can be listed in the appropriate season within a few clicks!

Custom template designs became possible with the listing tool, giving the listings more power over a simple listing without branding or detailed information within it. A simple template builder was also created for those users that didn’t need a custom design but would benefit from a unified listing that looked professional.

Ad-Lister now handles millions of listings within eBay and saves time for all of our customers, allowing bulk editing and feed automations or CSV files from the suppliers.

See our product page here for more details and special offers.

Why would I use Just Applications?

just-applications-smIf you have an online business, then the chances are you are wasting time doing tasks that our applications can help eliminate. Our solutions save you time without costing you a fortune!

We also have a number of other brands within the group from Web Design to a multi-channel stock control system or custom development. We have focussed on the main two applications above but there is no real limit for us and we are here to help you!

How about the software from your other competitors, what makes you any different?

Reliability, low price, free support and the ability to change the software for their needs are the main points our customers say to us, we really do enjoy helping our customers and take pride in offering free telephone support, helping you every step of the way.

We are passionate about our software tools and still practice what we preach “ecommerce software developed and built by ecommerce sellers!” by ensuring new functionality is added to help our customers get added value when they need it.

Which platforms do you support or integrate with?

Selling platforms such as eBay, Amazon and Magento were the primary focus, but now we also integrate to most of the leading systems : Opencart, Os commerce, Woocommerce, 3dcart, Big commerce, Prestashop, Shopify, Ubercart, Virtuemart, Xcart, Zencart and Rakuten.

Courier integration to Royal Mail, UK Mail, Yodel, Collect+, APC overnight, Nightline delivers, AJG parcels, Seabourne group, New Zealand Post, Asendia, Pass my Parcel and Menzies

We are constantly looking at new platforms to integrate into.

What else would you like to tell Tamebay’s readers?

We started at a similar time to Tamebay and met at the eBay universities that they previously held on a regular basis to help eBay sellers. Now we are both 10 years old and we have something to give away!

30% off for all Tamebay readers!

We are offering a limited time offer for all Tamebay readers of 30% off the first years fee for all new customers, this is our joint celebration offer for being 10 years young!

When purchasing the software mention TAMEBAY10 to receive the 30% saving.

3 Responses

  1. “We switched to Ad-lister in November as we thought it would best to make a swift change from TurboLister. Especially after hearing the news TBL is closing its doors in 2017.

    Ad-Lister is a great tool for uploading CSV spreadsheets as well as creating ebay listings with ease.

    We use the standard template builder and I would recommend this tool to anyone. They even have knowledgeable support staff!”

  2. I have tried a few listing tools. They are all similar in what they can do to be fair. However, I like Just Applications as they have always provided free support – yes there are lots of video tutorials, but you can never beat friendly advice on the phone.

  3. For me this service would cost £295 +VAT per year

    So many companies seem to price up to a 100 listings and then jump to a 1,000

    What about those in-between? As a start-up business we are growing but only have just over 200 listings.

    I currently run our site on Woocommerce and use WP-Lister Pro, the cost of that is $149 per plugin and you can list as many items as you like for that, so for $298 I could list 10,000 items

    The guys at give great support and are very quick at putting in new features.

    I am not a fan of Woocommerce and may move to Magento or other, in which case I would need to look at Ad-lister.


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