eBay are launching the Seller Hub Growth section this week

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eBay are adding the new Growth section to the Seller Hub this week, which when live will allow you to get detailed insights on where and how you can grow your business on eBay.

The new Growth section will offer the new listing improvement and sourcing guidance tools that will allow you to optimise your listings to make them more likely to sell and real data updated weekly on the products that you should potentially be sourcing.

Listing improvement

Under the Improve listings section you will see listings that could use some work.

By selecting Analyse listings and recommendation eBay will compare your listing to similar items from other sellers, and recommend where you could improve. You’ll see average prices, price trends over the past quarter, and be able to compare impressions, views, click through rates and sales conversion rates for your listing compared to listings in the same category.

Sourcing guidance

In Sourcing you will be able to browse real-time data to find the products that buyers are looking for today, across 4,000 eBay categories.

We’ve got a screen shot of the new pages – click the thumbnails above for a better idea of the information you’ll be able to access.

12 Responses

  1. Maybe they should include the following tip:

    Ignore ebays no text or graffiti on images policy. It won’t be policed and you can gain advantage over your competitors (those schmucks that follow “the rules” and have boring plain or white backgrounds) by having lots of bright colours and irrelevant claims on all your images (such as UK STOCK! Fast Shipping! Super Quality!) that will make YOU stand out from the crowd and enjoy increased sales.

    Don’t forget to put your company name and website on images, to direct traffic away from ebay and towards your own site. That way, you can avoid paying ebay sale fees everytime someone sees you on ebay, but makes the purchase direct, saving a small fortune.

  2. Maybe they should concentrate on keeping the site up.

    Over 300 complaints on Downdetector yesterday about Ebay.

    It’s so dysfunctional, it doesn’t even raise commment any more.

    The Seller Hub does nothing to address problems facing sellers and is nothing but a gimmicky facelift.


    Nice new site, by the way. (Tamebay that is).

  3. It picked one of my items as having 0% chance of being sold. Which is nice but the items it was comparing it to were in the wrong section (used items classed as new even though there were both clearly used). Its suggestion to lower the selling price to below my own cost price is going to be ignored.

  4. Discount this discount that, same as Amazon So called sales coach, that is a useless email everyday. Some of it special editions which is NICHE and actually makes some money. High turnover low margin suits the like of eBay but not us.

    How about they discount the FEES for moment.

  5. Yes I’m not sure if it’s happened ever but it would be beneficial for ebay to do some case studies as an actual ebay seller, to see how it’s possible to grow as a small business amongst massive corporate sponsored competition with costs rising year on year.. not saying it’s not possible but have to be very well researched and flexible in the current marketplace.

  6. If you don’t like it open a shop.

    We are in this business and we know what it’s all about…fees and customers. Like it or lump it

  7. a Argos big blue spot in the image saying picked today free pp is a good way to gain sales

  8. Just noticed on my Ebay Hub “Growth” section that Premium service now gives sellers a 20% discount on FVFs.

  9. I noticed that too but its only for “premium service plus” what ever plus is about – never heard of it and nothing could be found doing a search.

    However just looked again and its changed!!, now just says “qualify for premum service” and “Get a discount on final value fees and a boost in Best Match”. The 20% had dissapeared and so has the wording about premium service plus!

    So is premium service plus another hoop to jump through when you have to send the item before they buy it and refund them if it does not arrive same day they ordered!!!


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