eBay ‘Good til Cancelled’ bug is ending listings

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eBay have a technical issue that appears to be ending ‘Good til Cancelled‘ listings. Readers are reporting that listings are not automatically relisting after 30 days and emails from eBay say the cancelled listings have ended and failed to renew due to one or more missing required product identifiers.

The email says: “One or more of your Good ‘Til Cancelled (GTC) listing(s) weren’t renewed and are no longer listed on eBay. The listing(s) weren’t renewed because of the reasons shown below. Listing(s) not renewed due to one or more missing required product identifiers (UPC, Brand, MPN, etc.)”

However we’re told by sellers that ended listings did in fact have the correct product identifiers or “does not apply” was selected for products which do not have a barcode.

Have you had listings ended unexpectedly? One seller tells us they’ve lost sales history for 1000’s of past sales so it might be worth at least checking your best selling products… although if it is a bug rather than eBay’s intention your listings could still end no matter what edits you do.

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  1. This bug has been affecting us for a few months now. Usually just a handful of products a month but no common reason.

    Very frustrating, especially as the email that eBay sends does not list the items that were not renewed….

  2. We had a listing roll over yesterday as it was supposed to renew. It already had Does Not Apply on the listing, and I was able to manually delist without changing anything.
    It was very popular but now it has lost all traffic and no more sales. We had sold hundreds of items from that listing.
    Now I am worried whether any more listings will do the same. That could wipe out a business that has built up a lot of sales history for them to be wiped out like this. Starting again from scratch will be a long slow process.
    Of course when you try to raise a problem with eBay you have to go through the knowledge base system and have no option to report a bug on the site.

  3. Dont worry, eBay are not enforcing product identifiers just yet, to give us more time to update our listings…..

  4. For me it happened to 3 listings

    Firstly on Saturday
    Second Listing Sunday
    Third Listing Monday

    It seems to have settled down now, will keep my fingers crossed

  5. Had 1/2 dozen end Sunday, we just relisted them, no missing product identifiers.

    All had subtitles though so double billed for them. Tedious.

  6. Good to know its not just us and nothing we are doing!

    Fortunately so far its only been new / quiet items with no real history but if it was our best sellers we would be devastated.

    Does ebay have any resolution for the issues? Will the re-instate effected listings with their original standing?

  7. Had it happen to about 10 listings. Thankfully none of them super important listings. None of them have been for the UK. Majority have been AU

  8. Ebays advice to one seller was to just make up barcodes…. hmmm break ebays own rules and possibly infringe the rights of those who may happen to own the barcode you just made…. All adds to the customer experience that they are so vocal about.
    Just another C.S disgrace from ebay…

  9. Bugs, bugs and more bugs.

    Big outtages yesterday, site inaccessible, impossible to checkout etc etc.

    Just waiting for the fee hike coming up this spring in the seller release.

  10. Had it happen to about 20 listings over the weekend. Mainly international but some UK. I couldn’t see anything wrong with them but noticed that some listings are now showing an EAN box on the main item specifics when it wasn’t before, I just thought this must be why so have been adding EAN’s to this and kept the variation EAN’s as ‘Does not apply’. I’ve started to notice now that many variations that already had ‘Does not apply’ in the EAN are now missing so having to add them all again!

  11. Had this happen about 8 months ago with around 150 listings, these all had Does not apply set. Unfortunately didn’t notice till it was too late, thanks to eBay clearing out old listings after just 3 months I no longer had the descriptions or images to relist manually.

  12. This happened to us a few weeks ago and persisted for a few days. Contacting MIP support seemed to clear it up pretty soon afterwards.

  13. I lost 6 listings, one over 4 years old with 2,000 sales. Absolutely disgraceful from eBay.

    eBay should be offering to promote these re-listings free of charge until they reach a percentage of their previous sold figure.

  14. We get this almost every day, I have to cross refer ended listings on the site to ended listing emails and work out what they’ve ended.
    Their idiot email tells you they’ve ended listings but not which ones (probably because they don’t know)
    Simple enough to sort out but that’s still time spent doing that that could be spent selling more items.
    Ah well….

  15. FYI for people suffering from this. If you relist the ended item then it should retain it’s Best Match score, even if the sales record is lost

  16. I have just had a duplicate listing violation for items that I relisted due to this problem. By the way, we use Linnworks and even though where there is current stock against the SKU, it is not resurrecting the item.

    Anyhow I relisted about four SKUs this morning and I just checked them all – when you relist the item, it also relists the ended one leading to the duplicate listing issue.

    As you are aware, eBay takes a dim view of duplicates so I would recommend that you check a few of the items that you have relisted to see if the same problem affects you.

    I have made eBay aware of the problem for whatever good that might do…


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