7 Top tips to start selling on Snapchat

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It’s not immediately obvious how a business can engage with customers on Snapchat, so we’ve put together 7 top tips to get you started:

  1. Create a Snapcode

    A Snapcode works similarly to a QR code. You can share it on your website, emails and social media offering Snapchat users a simple way to add you.

  2. Set your Snapcode as your Avatar

    Consider setting your Snapcode image as your avatar on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social accounts

  3. Judicious use of ‘Add Nearby’

    If you’re at a trade show or similar event, Snapchat enables you to add people who are nearby. If you’re doing a presentation, do a shout out for people to open ‘Add Nearby’ on their phones and you’ll be able to add them instantly. Make sure that your next Snap is related to the event you’re at, perhaps showcasing your stand.

  4. Promotions

    Give people a reason to want to engage with you. Offer a promotion, perhaps at a trade show a small giveaway on your stand. Remember Snapchat is a transient medium, it’s not like Twitter or Facebook where someone might view your share several days into the future. It’s the here and now so tailor calls to action for immediacy.

  5. Hold a contest

    Snapchat is the ideal way to get your followers to engage with your brand. Ask them to snap you back with a picture of your product, maybe with the winner being the person to pick the best filter. Snapchat is fun, so make the most of the platform. Promote the contest on all your other social platforms and blogs.

  6. Demonstrate your product

    Snaps are 10 seconds, so make sure you know exactly what you’re going to show. Save time to tell people where they can buy from!

  7. Snapchat Advertising

    If you have the budget, consider Snap Ads, Sponsored Geofilters or Sponsored Lenses, although you’ll need a hefty budget. Our current assessment is that it’s too early for small and medium sized business to engage with users through Snapchat advertising but, if you’re seeing success with our other tips, it could be worth considering.

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  1. Until recently, you can also put URL onto your QR snapcode. Thanks to this implementation, you can run temporary sale action with one product. For example, “scan our QR snapcode to get know about our latest special offer for Snapchat users” or something like that.


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