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Spotted by the eBay Anorak Jane Bell, is a new “People who viewed this item also viewed” display at the top of live eBay listings.

Jane and my first thoughts both were, is this some sort of browser hijack affiliate scheme, but it appears likely that it’s an eBay test. I’ve not seen it in my browser, but it’s still an interesting change.

Second thoughts are a) I quite like it and b) will it detract attention from the item I first looked at and potentially divert potential buyers to another item. So long as it only shows items from the seller of the product I’m looking at that shouldn’t be an issue however. Equally if I were to lose the odd sale to another seller if their products were displayed, I’d hope an equal number of buyers would be diverted to my listings in the same manner.

What do you think of the display – do you like the idea of more inventory being displayed above a listing or is it a distraction you’d rather not see?

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  1. Well done, eBay Anorak me duck! I’ve not seen this yet and hope never to. There’s already a “People who viewed this item also viewed” display further down in listings on ebay.com; I really don’t think it belongs at the top, and I’m sorry to see it being tested there. It’s a distraction that diverts the viewer’s attention from looking at the listing I’ve worked so hard to get them to click on.

    Standing out in search results is challenging enough without eBay in effect countermanding my efforts by tempting a potential buyer away from my listing once I’ve gotten them there. Show them more choices up front, and they’re liable to click away. It’s human nature.

    Let’s hope this test falls by the wayside where it belongs!

  2. I’ve google searched the “living tree of life……” item and not only are “also viewed” items shown (from other sellers I will add) but also a further window showing “All listings for this product” on ebay from every other seller! In drawing this data the page takes a long time to load. I personally would opt out of this listing promotion feature given that the option was available to opt out as I struggle to see the benefit of this feature. I would prefer visitors to my listings to click on the BIN button rather than having their attention diverted elsewhere.

  3. My competitors and I all have this “also viewed” nonsense!

    It’s a little lower down on the listings. Immediately above the Description/Postage section, so still a huge distraction.

    I’m pretty angry about this. eBay should not be taking people away from my listings. So, with this latest list, the explore more options list, the sponsored by eBay shops list, and the external sponsored links list, I count 27 attempts to lure a buyer into purchasing from anyone but me!

    Well done eBay!

  4. The also viewed is an appalling race to the bottom. The buyer enters your listing that you have paid for and then see you are selling it at £9.99 but above being advertised is a rival selling at £9.75.
    Its like having a tv advert for ebay running at a cost of thousands, with also available on Amazon all over it.
    I bet eBay would soon complain. They may not be so complacent shortly just keep watching your TV adverts in April.

  5. I agree with the other posts that this is a dreadful innovation.
    I also wonder if the “other people” who viewed this item really exist or if its simply Ebay’s system matching EAN codes which we have all had to enter!

  6. I have had this feature or a few weeks now so wonder whether Scotland was given the option first. Honestly I thought it was so eBay could create competition between sellers and ensure that the cheapest priced wins.

  7. Amazon do this. A customer bought an item from me and also a recommended item that I do not sell. When the recommended item did not work she left the negative for me because “You recommended it”!!!

  8. Ebay is already “a race to the bottom” – somewhere to sell your junk at knock down prices, this will further encourage it.

    Although it might be that ebay eventually plan on selling the space next to a listing. Another way for eBay to extract money from it’s sellers. Different thing. Those with the biggest ad budget do best.

  9. Great for buyers as they will be easily able to compare prices on like for like items. Crap for us sellers who have spent time and money getting listings to high ranks only to be undercut. Agree with others, it increases the element of race to the bottom


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