Linnworks: 6 Ways to use Big Data in ecommerce

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Every time someone clicks on one of your adverts, likes or shares one of your social media posts, or visits your website they’re adding to what you know about them. You see what styles they like, what size of clothes they view, what their favourite colours are, whether they buy for adults or children and a ton of other metrics. We should be using this data to personalise marketing to our customers, predict trends to decide what stock to order and adjust pricing based on demand.

In an ideal world we’d tailor our shop for each individual customer with promotions to suit their needs and tastes and with some platforms this is possible. What’s definitely within the reach of even the smallest retailer is to segment their email marketing lists to ensure they promote products that the recipients are actually interested in.

Linnworks have put together an infographic detailing 6 lucrative ways to use Big Data in ecommerce. Linnworks also have more detail on their own blog.

5 Responses

  1. Big Data, really

    How about you fix the amazon sync that’s STILL not working!

    would be nice to see orders that have been paid and are not still pending in LW

  2. with big data you can put lots of pointless numbers on an infographic!
    did this increase sales for you? guess that means big data works!

    absolutely howling they used an airline as an example, as if they haven’t been abusing data for years! it’s why they oversell the flight by 10% so they need to beat and drag passengers off the flight who paid their fare. outstanding example.
    – if only i could over-selll my stock by 10% and physically beat any customers that have a problem with it. superb!

    i dont see the percentage for how many customers will abandon a company it feels is stalking their every move and trying to create a 1984-esque society?

  3. Hello Paul,

    If the issue you briefly mention above is the same as described on our forum thread: ‘Amazon orders not downloading? Ticket 1130659’ I have good news for you, the hotfix has been released about a week ago and so far we only have had confirmation that it works.

    If you have other experiences, could you please clarify that in a support ticket? If you mention my name, Klaas Schippers, it will be assigned to me so I can escalate it for you,

    Best regards
    Klaas Schippers

    Customer Experience Manager
    Linn Systems



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