PayPal Canada do a deal with Canada Post

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PayPal Canada have done a deal with Canada Post to enable merchants to save on shipping costs.

In the past, merchants would have had to manually produce a label and take it to their nearest Canada Post outlet to pay for postage and ship their items. Now, they can pay for shipping, print shipping labels, and track their orders all within PayPal. Merchants can also schedule a pick up to save time having to drop their parcels off.

Tracking information and delivery confirmation alerts to both merchants and customers to complete the automation.

With PayPal’s new partnership with Canada Post, merchants can save up to 36% for domestic shipments and 47% on international postage provided by Canada Post Solutions for Small Business, based on the merchants parcel savings level. Plus until the end of July merchants cann save an additional 15% on Expedited Parcel when shipping anywhere in Canada.

I like this deal, but of course it only solves half a problem – if on your website or other platforms you trade on you accept payments through any other provider other than PayPal you still have to sort out postage for those items – the deal with PayPal and Canada Post is only available for items in your PayPal Account Activity page. Nonetheless, for many smaller merchants who only offer PayPal on their websites it does appear a pretty good deal. Larger merchants doubtless already have other solutions in place.

Here in the UK of course for many years we’ve been able to buy postage with PayPal, it would be mice to see 35% or 47% discounts though.

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  1. Unfortunately, Canada Post is really good at spinning wonderful stories of discounts and good deals for Ebay sellers. I use the arrangement a lot, but I have never seen a 35 or 47% discount. It’s 18% at best. The fact is that prices have gone up once again. It is not uncommon to have to pay around 30 dollars for an “expedited” (= normal speed) package with some insurance on it to a destination within Canada. Very little has actually changed, except that you now have to be registered with Canada Post to be able to ship an item sold on Ebay via Paypal. Printing a shipping label has been possible for years. Ebay is preparing to offer a new service called Shippo this summer and it seems to me that Canada Post is making very sure it can hold on to its monopoly.


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