Sellers report PayPal transaction downloads delayed

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We’re hearing from sellers that PayPal downloads are borked – are you having a problem downloading your records?

This does happen from time to time, you log into PayPal and request a download and several days later it’s still not ready to download. (This time we’ve heard of once case where the download was requested last Friday and is at the time of writing still currently pending).

You may be one of the people that never downloads PayPal history, but some people download on a weekly or even daily basis to reconcile their takings with their sales and bank records. When reports start being delayed it’s an inconvenience, but as the end of the month approaches if you’ve got a VAT return to complete it’s vital that you can access this information when you need it.

We’ve not heard from anyone that the API is running slow, so if you use a third party to access your PayPal records you should be OK.

PayPal Merchant Discount

While we’re talking PayPal, for those that haven’t heard of it PayPal offer a discount to merchants who have processed more than £1,500 in total payments through PayPal in the previous calendar month. You can only apply once every 30 days, but once you’re approved your rate will drop from the standard 3.4% + 20p to as little as 1.9% + 20p.

You only need to be approved once and your discount will rise and fall with your sales volume. If you’ve not applied for the PayPal Merchant Discount before, log in to your PayPal account and apply via the online application form.

3 Responses

  1. My problem with PayPal is trying to get a refunded £242.00 paid back to my account.
    I’ve tried e-mails, resolution centre (complete waste of time & effort) & letter Mail, result not one response.
    How do I get in touch with a real live customer service centre in the UK?

  2. Yup happened to me a couple of weeks ago and its happening again…I do my accounting on a daily basis and send money to my bank….I am now having to manually go through my emails by day and do everything manually….normally takes me 2 minutes to do with a download…now taking 45 painful minutes.


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