eBay #FillYourCartWithColour advert debuts in the UK

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eBay have launched the UK leg of their global brand campaign – #FillYourCartWithColour – aimed at celebrating the vibrancy and individuality of eBay’s marketplace of shoppers and sellers and encouraging people to break away from “beige” conformity and live more colourfully.

The first 40 second TV ad aired on ITV today at 11:55am establishing the narrative that eBay helps people to find the items they love, which will air tomorrow. It features UK-based influencers and will be followed 30-second adverts around baking, cycling and music – and 30 second videos on YouTube, SnapChat and Facebook. Featured ‘living their passions’ are dynamic eBay shoppers – Master patissier and chef, Eric Lanlard, endurance cyclist, Laura Scott, and musician and sneaker fanatic, James Massiah.

Watching the advert you’ll be struck by similarities to the US campaign, but it’s been toned down for the taste of UK consumers. You’ll also pick up on the vibrant colours that eBay unveiled in their new colour palette using pantones of the iconic eBay logo.

“The diversity and vibrancy of our marketplace, with its incredible product selection and seller community, has always catered to the individuality of our shoppers and their desire to express themselves. “Fill Your Cart With Colour” brings that message vividly to life. In addition to creating a more personalised marketplace experience for our shoppers, we are celebrating their passions and telling their stories as part of our brand narrative, which is conveyed across a campaign spanning TV, digital, social and experiential”
– Gareth Jones, eBay’s Senior Director of Marketing

eBay’s new brand platform will also live across its marketplace with an enhanced personalised shopping experience. The homepage will now be responsive to each user’s interests and leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to provide shoppers with tailored recommendations across all categories with each new site visit, and an inventory mix that is unique to them. This activity is part of eBay’s ambitions to drive granular levels of personalisation across display, CRM and email marketing.

“Fill Your Cart With Colour” is a rallying cry developed with eBay’s global creative agency, 72andSunny, celebrating individuality and self-expression and highlights all the ways eBay enables you to shop more vibrantly. This is the start of a campaign aimed at engaging UK consumers and getting them shopping more frequently on eBay which you will see and hear over the upcoming weeks across TV, radio, cinema, digital and social.

The great thing about this ad campaign is that it’s not highlighting the large high street retailers, in fact it’s telling people about the vibrancy of eBay and vast range of goods available, many of which will be on offer from smaller individual sellers.

What do you think of the advert? It’s certainly eye catching so would it tempt you to shop on eBay?

12 Responses

  1. Who is the band of drummers on the ebay find your colour advert and what are they playing

  2. I am still surprised that Ebay did not approach me to star in their advert.

    Not only am I one of the most attractive sellers on Ebay but I am also very, very colourful – in line with the slogan of the current campaign – AND I own a pink food mixer like the one above.

    I do not want to be egocentric and list all my amazing attributes (including genius) on Tamebay but I would like Ebay to know that I am available for any future advertising campaigns on national TV. My fee would only be a small commission on the massive increase they would see from featuring me on such a campaign. You have my number…….. (I don’t want to give my contact details out incase I get my account restricted).

    Oh……I can also sing and play the drums.

    As for their current ad……. I like it but don’t seem to have any additional sales this week.

  3. Damn, damn………I missed the memo.

    Never mind…..next time.

    This will teach me to read my Tamebay emails you send me.

  4. One thing that really makes me angry with eBay is its lack of continuity.
    eBay have launched the UK leg of their global brand campaign “Fill Your Cart With Colour”, the UK’s ebay.co.uk uses the “Basket”, we “add to basket”.


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