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Good news for small businesses selling on eBay that ship with myHermeseBay have negotiated some stellar deals which will run from the 4th to the 17th of September. It’s not often you can send a parcel weighing up to kg for as little as £2.00 so don’t miss out on these myHermes promotional rates if you can make use of them.

You’ll need to drop you parcels off at any of myHermes thousands of ParcelShops around the country, but at these rates even if you don’t habitually use myHermes you might want to take advantage of the rates as they’re pretty darn keen to say the least.

If you do use myHermes, consider using eBay Postage for any myHermes despatches during the promotional period rather than booking direct to take advantage of the savings.

myHermes rates from eBay 4th – 17th September
Current Price
Promotion Price
0-2kg (Small)
0-2kg (Medium)

14 Responses

  1. We send almost all our parcels with Hermes. I am not saying that there aren’t problems – but you get that with any courier. Some couriers are better at certain things than others.

    “The good” with Hermes we feel outweighs “the bad”.

    The important thing for us is that there is almost always a same day acceptance scan and eBay accept the tracking as gospel for cases, bad feedback etc.

    These prices for the promotion are exceptional. I would recommend Hermes to any seller.

  2. I started a small business and was selling products.

    Within the first week I had at least 4 broken items, moved toward much better packaging, with products wrapped in bubble wrap and paper but still suffered issues.

    I moved to Royal Mail after this and although my postage costs increased I have a couple of breakages, if that, in 2 years!

    Even our local my Hermes pickup driver has said about the number of complaints he hears with the service.

    Get what you pay for I guess!

  3. I have a small business and much prefer MyHermes over Royal Mail for small/low value items. Anything expensive or heavy goes via UPS. I have shipped glasses via MyHermes and not had them broken. When shipping anything fragile you have to remember it will be thrown around. A while back there was a feature on MyHermes depot where they showed a video of parcels being unloaded and they were being thrown around like rugby balls. If they are well packaged not a problem. You can’t expect to pay low prices and expect them to handle every package with care when they have to unload lorry loads at a time.

    My local MyHermes drop off shop are great with me as go in the most days and can scan them myself if there is a que to save waiting. Same with UPS Access point if they have a customer I can leave them to be scanned later. If I have to drop something off at the post office can be there 5 minutes waiting and then another 5 minutes while they type the address in. UPS are great as well as even if the parcel is not booked for collection that day they will take it no problem.

    As with any business it is finding what works best for you. I use the Shutl service on ebay for MyHermes and UPS but at the minute it is cheaper to book MyHermes via their own website. Just have to check every so often who has the best deal on.

  4. Everything Ive sent by Hermes to date has been delivered in the timescale. And its easy to track. Goods received via DPD however arrive at rocket speed. Ive had parcels of bought ebay items (and other companies) delivered in under 12 hours from order.

  5. One of the advantages of Hermes is their claims procedure. They accept Ebay item numbers as proof of price. No other courier I know does this. No, invoice, PayPal receipt, proof of purchase required – when purchased on Ebay only an Ebay item number is needed for them to accept the value of the claim.

    It is good to see Hermes “trusting” Ebay items numbers and it makes the claim so much quicker and smoother.

    Unlike other carriers who try to “cover up” lost packages Hermes are always upfront and put their “hands up” to items that have went missing or items that are stolen. One of the things I expect of a courier is to cover any losses to me when they mess up – Hermes do own up to their mistakes and pay out – and they are far superior in this area to any other courier we have used.

    We have started using their international service recently (they pass it to third party couriers in many countries) and this has been first class service.

    For our items, and when you factor in the price we have found Hermes to be the best service on the market.

  6. Thanks for your message.

    To give you an example of other couriers (I have used all the couriers you mention above) – we would be told that a parcel had been “mis-scanned” or “mis-routed” or “mis-sorted onto the wrong van”. This was often not the case and someone was “off” with the package. I don’t want to name any particular carrier networks as it happens with all of them. Now don’t get me wrong, they will still allow you to make a claim but the official line is that the parcel has been “misrouted” or words to that effect – you get the idea. Never – “stolen”. They cover up the fact it has been stolen by using alternative wording. in my opinion this was mis-leading.

    It was not until I started using Hermes that I received emails saying that the parcel had been “stolen”. Very honest.

    The other couriers would never admit to this. This is what I mean by cover up. Nothing sinister – just a failure to admit that parcels were being stolen – and this happens in every network I have used with the exception of Hermes.

    My point was that I liked Hermes honesty. And for anyone reading this who is considering using Hermes – don’t let this put you off. They always paid out on claims and we are talking at a very, very small percentage of parcels. They are just refreshingly honest and up front compared to the rest.


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