eBay UK Seller Release: Simplifying buyer Feedback

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In September 2017, eBay started rolling out improvements to the Leave Feedback form. Feedback has been visually enhanced and it’s now simpler for buyers to leave feedback, one click less and shortened language.

eBay expect the updates will encourage buyers to leave Feedback and rate their transaction more often, which helps sellers get more transactions counted towards their seller performance standards.

Although the overall distribution of negative, neutral and positive Feedback won’t change, receiving more Feedback can be useful for sellers who send items untracked.

At the same time eBay have made report a buyer functionality easier and faster accessible to all sellers. If you feel you’re getting stiffed by an unreasonable buyer then report them to enable eBay to take action.

The one thing that I do wish eBay would do is to make it easier to leave feedback on the mobile app. On a desktop as soon as you’ve left feedback for a single item you have an option to “Leave more feedback” which enables you to leave feedback in bulk for any other purchases you have made. On the mobile app it’s a tedious experience back tracking and then clicking into the next item to leave feedback one item at a time. Considering that way over 50% of eBay transactions take place on mobile devices this is a bit of a shortcoming.

Overall though, nothing not to like, it’s feedback and it’s not that important unless it’s negative or low DSR scores.

3 Responses

  1. Please tell me they are not going to have ones of those things they use at the airport, three big buttons.
    I think people get sick of having feedback rammed down their throat. I bought a stupid santa hat the other day on eBay for my Christmas daft other half, guy cancels it and asks me to leave 5 * feedback (chinese seller with a dodgy VAT number also the cheek)
    Over the years we have always had pretty good FB all the time, any neg is normally from clowns who dont listen, read or blame us for a courier issue. As long as the seller can leave a decent (and with enough characters) response.

  2. The best thing you can do if you are a seller and unhappy with how ebay has treated you over the years.
    PROTEST I sell on ebay and one thing they can’t take away from you is choice so sell on ebay but buy on AMOZAN DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MORE THEN YOU HAVE TOO.
    I sell on ebay but I have not bought anything from them in over five years, what they forget is a lot of sellers are also buyers, they are playing with fire


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