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Amazon says on its official website dedicated to Amazon #HQ2 website that it has received: “238 proposals from cities and regions in 54 states, provinces, districts and territories across North America.” We’ve written about this before.

To refresh your memory, Amazon wants a second home. Based and founded in Seattle, it has outgrown its original campus there with over 50k staff working from its downtown location. And such is the demand from growth they need another similar establishment soon. They have conspicuously invited bids from cities across North America using a dedicated website here. Proposals have been received from the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Amazon promises 50k highly paid executive jobs, huge inward investment and a feather in the cap to the winner of Amazon #HQ2. Needless to say the offers seeking preferment have been significant. 238, to be precise.

What are they looking for? Amazon has produced a detailed wish list that could perhaps be also be seen as demands. A pleasant city with cultural sophistication and a high quality of living is sought and universities are vital. Transport links, especially an airport, are required and the location simply needs space for what is going to be a huge workplace.

But they also want, shall we say, some small considerations in return. As the pitch document says: “Please provide a summary of total incentives offered for the Project by the state/province and local community. In this summary, please provide a brief description of the incentive item, the timing of incentive payment/realization, and a calculation of the incentive amount. Please describe any specific or unique eligibility requirements mandated by each incentive item. With respect to tax credits, please indicate whether credits are refundable, transferable, or may be carried forward for a specific period of time. If the incentive includes free or reduced land costs, include the mechanism and approvals that will be required. Please also include all timelines associated with the approvals of each incentive. We acknowledge a Project of this magnitude may require special incentive legislation in order for the state/province to achieve a competitive incentive proposal. As such, please indicate if any incentives or programs will require legislation or other approval methods. Ideally, your submittal includes a total value of incentives, including the specified benefit time period.”

So which bid is offering the greatest tax preference, we wonder.


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