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A brand new eBay listing optimisation tool has been launched, we speak to Andrew Evans at Boost Analytics to find out more.

In this video:

  • 00:00 Introducing Andrew Evans & Boost Analytics
  • 01:07 What is Boost Analytics?
  • 03:10 How does Boost Analytics help increase my eBay sales?
  • 05:30 How determine listings with the highest buyer demand
  • 07:30 Is it time consuming to use?
  • 08:43 Does it fix my eBay compliance issues with my eBay listings?
  • 09:55 How does it help with stagnant eBay listings?
  • 11:18 Optimise and refresh or end and relist?
  • 14:32 How have existing sellers, using Boost, found the tool and experience?

What is Boost Analytics?

Over the past several years, we’ve spoken with tens of thousands of eBay sellers who we noticed all seemed to be asking the same common theme of questions.

  • Why have my eBay listings dropped so much?
  • How do I improve my eBay sales?
  • How do I get my listings to the top of eBay search?
  • How do I get more buyers clicking into my listings?
  • Which listings do I sponsor and promote?

We speak with sellers all day, every day, and these are by far the biggest questions and challenges they face.

We’ve also witnessed eBay’s clear advice to sellers –

  • Optimise!
  • Refresh!
  • Improve!
  • Sponsor! 

eBay informs sellers ‘what’ to do, but not ‘how’ to do it which could be why sellers are confused or simply don’t know what optimisation is or where to start with eBay listings optimisation.

This is where Boost Analytics comes in. Boost not only has the answers to these questions, but also the solution.

Boost Analytics is the all in one listing analysis and optimisation tool for eBay sellers to maximise listing performance, optimise listings to a higher standard, bulk optimization listings, and also post-optimisation tracking – to see the uplift and increase in impressions, click through rates, and sales once listings have been optimised via Boost.

It gives sellers a clearer understanding of their eBay listings, but also shows them where growth and optimisation opportunities lie.

Boost Analytics helps sellers make strategic decisions based on current listing best practices and detailed historic and competitive data.

How does Boost Analytics help increase my eBay sales?

1. Boost Analyses your eBay listings.

Boost scans and analyses a seller’s eBay listings and sales data. From there Boost makes intelligent and actionable recommendations to improve listings search visibility, clicks and views into listings, and to increase conversion rates.

Listings will be scored, graded, and filtered into different optimisation tasks, and ordered in priority based on buyer demand data from the categories they are listing into. From there sellers can optimise listings using the recommendations Boost Analytics has suggested.

2. Boost reports exactly what’s going wrong with listings.

Optimisation issues could range from poor item titles, poor keywords, ordering of keywords, description, images, mapped to the wrong categories, missing required item specifics, even missing optional item specifics which have high search data behind them, pricing against competitors, and much more.

Boost Analytics will highlight which areas on listings need attention for improvements and better optimisation.

3. Boost makes it easy to report and improve poor performing listings.

The better listings are optimised to the eBay listing requirements for the categories they are listing into, the higher these listings will rank on eBay search. Becoming more visible within eBay search, which will lead to an increase in click through rates into the listings, and ultimately better sales conversions.

Is it time consuming to use?

No. It’s very quick, informative and insightful. But most of all quick to optimise eBay listings.

Boost has already done most of the hard work when analysing a seller’s listings, scoring and grading them based on optimisation levels, and showing which listings which need attention and optimisation first based on the buyer demand data for the categories they are listing into.

From there users can optimise listings via Boost or use the bulk optimisation tools available within Boost Analytics, to quickly, but effectively, optimise these listings at speed and accuracy for an instant performance uplift on affected listings. The bulk optimisation tool is a feature our client base love.

But we also have a dedicated in-house Boost Analytics optimisation team, who are available to help sellers but we also offer a listing optimisation service where we can optimise listings for sellers. Which is useful for those sellers struggling with time and resources.

Does it fix my eBay compliance issues with my eBay listings?

One of the great features about Boost Analytics is that it has a Non-Compliant eBay Listing report, with tools to resolve these compliance issues in bulk.

Ensuring sellers are meeting the latest eBay requirements for the category or categories they are listing into for required item specifics and data, or for soon to be required item specifics.

It helps sellers stay on top of their listing compliance, but also ahead of the competition on any forthcoming changes to the categories they are listing into.

From the data we’ve seen from sellers actively using Boost Analytics, the fully compliant listings on eBay have a much higher visibility, search ranking, impressions, clicks/views, and more sales.

How does it help with stagnant eBay listings?

1. End & Relist: Yes, there’s an end and relist report within Boost to show sellers which of their listings have been on eBay for longer than 30-days but resulted in no sales.

This could be down to poor optimisation or low buyer demand for these types of items. Which may not be the case that they are not in demand or a desirable product. It is more than likely down to poor optimisation.

With Boost Analytics you can end, optimise the listing with the improvements the tool suggested, and relist the listing back onto eBay. As the listings have been optimised prior to relistings, it gives the listings a much better chance of performing more highly on eBay and converting into sales.

There is no point in relisting the item in exactly the same way and missing data, as it will yield the same results (low impressions, banking, clicks and no sales).

2. Listing Optimisation: Boost will help optimise these stagnant listings so when they are relisted to eBay, they will have improved optimization, keywords, items specifics, even additional optional items specifics data which have good search impressions, resulting in them having a much better chance of converting into sales and orders. Breathing a lease of life into these once stagnant listings.

3. Track Improvements in listing performance post-optimisation: We provide sellers with full tracking, data, metrics, and analytics on listings once they have been optimised in Boost Analytics. This allows sellers to see and track the positive impact Boost has had on their listings post-optimisation showing all the uplifts in impressions, click through rates views, and the increase in sales. This also gives sellers a good indication of their Return on Investment from using Boost Analytics.

The tracking also has historical post-optimisation data to compare post-optimisation data month to month, quarter to quarter, year on year. Which is useful for sellers with seasonally product lines ,

Sellers also receive a weekly Boost Analytics report detailing all the data and metrics direct to their inbox too.

How have existing sellers, using Boost, found the tool and experience?

Hugely positive. We work closely with our sellers to ensure they are using Boost to unlock the potential with their listing to help drive sales and revenue on eBay. From onboarding, to one-to-one sessions, walkthrough demos, support, assistance, and expert advice.

We have a dedicated in-house Optimisation Accounts Team who can expertly optimise listings for seller’s on their behalf.

Most Boost users have seen triple digit % increases in impressions, clicks/views, and sales! A good chunk of sellers have seen amazing uplifts in sales. Some hitting more than 500% increases in sales and orders!

Nearly all sellers who are using Boost Analytics have seen their Return on Investment happen within the first week of using the tool. Enough to cover Boost Analytics for the year and beyond.

Easy to use,  guides you through the areas that need improvement in a simple, step-by-step manner but most importantly our visability and sales increased straight away!

The Frootion team are amazing and answered any questions we had. 

This software really is a no brainer, for optimising your products quickly and easily with great results.


Where can sellers go to find out more information?

Full information can be found over at  where sellers can start a 7 day free trial of Boost Analytics, and also get a free listings optimisation report on their listings.

This will allow sellers to get an optimisation score and grade on listings, but also an insight into the report and analysis from Boost Analytics, with details on which areas of optimisation is required for their listing for better performance and increase on eBay.

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