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eBay UK have unveiled a brand new range of eBay packaging supplies to match their new #FillYourCartWithColour campaign. The range includes 13 boxes, 1 tape, 9 Poly Mailers, 4 Poly Bubble Mailers. Poly Bubble Mailers will be available within the next few weeks.

When the original eBay packaging first launched it was amazingly successful, due in part to eBay giving out monthly vouchers to eBay Featured and Anchor shop owners. They’re now partnering with a new experienced large eBay seller and have arranged new even more competitive pricing. The entire range has also been expanded with more sizes available.

There’s green packging too, whilst eBay plastic Bubble Mailers are more expensive than eBay paper bubble mailers, they are fully recyclable.

If you do have an eBay Featured or Anchor shop, you should receive your eBay packaging voucher on or around the 3rd of November. However they will only be valid for the new eBay packaging from the new supplier so get ready to choose which colours you’d like to order. If you miss the email with your voucher then check your eBay messages on or after the 3rd of November (and monthly thereafter) as the vouchers are only valid for a month.

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  1. Lets hope it’s not the same company supplying.
    As their feedback shows


    Many “Shoppers” are not happy with being forced to purchase overpriced low-quality products with an EXTREMELY limited choice.

    The negatives say it all !!
    If you or I had negs like that, your backside would be black and blue from being booted off ebay so hard!

  2. They’re now partnering with a new experienced large eBay seller and have arranged new even more competitive pricing’
    ‘ …………… you should receive your eBay packaging voucher on or around the 3rd of November. However they will only be valid for the new eBay packaging from the new supplier ……………..’
    So Swiftpak eBay account is toast?

    Swiftpak eBay account had a terrible start and never recovered. There seemed to be a total disconnect between eBay and the Company who were presented with (apparently LOL) a ‘surprise’ number of orders arising from free vouchers all issued on the same day.
    Prices were not really competitive for the underlying products (bubblewrap for example was v v expensive) and many eBay sellers looked at what the voucher face ‘value’ would buy against supplies from their normal sources.
    FWIW I believe that the intial offering was ‘below standard’ in many aspects’.

  3. Even more competitive pricing? They’re more expensive than Swiftpak who were already ridiculously expensive.

    The poly mailers are around 3 times the price of the average on eBay.

  4. Describing the eBay packaging fiasco as a “success” is interesting wording.

    For whom was it a success?
    The customers forced to use the Company Store? Swiftpak? eBay?

    Overpriced monopolies and poorly run, badly stocked, Company Stores are never popular. There is a reason for that. They are designed, not as a convenience for customers, but as for the benefit of the company that profiteers from ripping off its “customers” when nobody would buy the stuff willingly.

    As for people pitying Swiftpak – well, the person running the eBay/Swiftpak operation was an eBay employee (or ex-employee).

    So any problems involved (we didn’t expect anyone to actually buy this rubbish/ we have run out of single rolls of tape but can sell you a gross for only £700 less your £10 voucher/we don’t count the stuff before posting it/we give false tracking numbers for out of stock goods so we don’t get defects) were not a result of too little involvement by eBay, quite the opposite.

  5. We bought a few of the large letter boxes, they seemed ok priced. Plus we needed that sort of packing for a certain product. This bigger supplier does not seem to be VAT reg as we need an invoice???.
    We actually bought 6000 of the original D1s back last year from Swiftpack, and YES we had issues with missing boxes etc, but it got sorted. The prices went silly however, and we only sell limited now with ebay so have started using a new supplier we funnily found on a eBay Ad and which we now buy DIRECT.
    End of the day all we want is decent packing material and a decent price.
    The eBay voucher does not mean anything to us and has never been an incentive.
    I did see some of that feedback left for Swiftpack and some of that was just plain nasty to take it out on the company just because you have an issue with ebay.

  6. Swift pack set their prices and decided to join ebay in partnership for this offer. And if you can only spend the voucher on their over priced stock which is poor quality compared to other suppliers then they deserve all the feedback they get.

    ebay seem to be missing a trick here, if they were to make the packing cheaper than competitors. If they supplied it at a price people wanted to choose even without a voucher they are getting their brand out there much more. The more people see the word ebay which might be stood next to someone at the post office or drop off shop, the more people might go on ebay to make a purchase.

  7. Some of the boxes seem dear compared with plain brown. But some of the large letter size seem cheap enough, so might actually use the ebay discount voucher for the first time ever.

    Still can’t see buyers wetting themselves with excitement because their order turns up in a coloured box though.

  8. Well we got the packaging came DPD all good, quality seems fine VERY GREEN boxs…No VAT receipt as expected so the hassles of requesting one “So eBay” . B2B ebay simple stuff…

  9. I have absolutely no problem with the supplier of the eBay packaging or with the actual product but I do have a problem with eBay adding this £10 voucher cost onto my shop fee’s and then ‘giving’ me the voucher (I only buy the 6 rolls of tape for £10.22 but I would pay less than half this price on the High Street for similar brown tape so I only buy it via eBay to use up my voucher). Reading though the suppliers feedback quite a few sellers believe that they are getting this voucher for free with one buyer writing ‘Thank you eBay, very generous of you’. Sellers that have been with eBay for some considerable time will know that eBay will give no seller anything for free and with their profits and share price down be prepared for more shop fee increases.

  10. We sell paper items (prints etc) and, probably like many other sellers, don’t use boxes, tape, padded bags or anything else offered by either of the two voucher companies.

    Not expecting a reply, I contacted the new company (ebaypackaginguk) asking if stiff board-backed ‘Do Not Bend’ envelopes could be added to their inventory and, to my surprise, quickly received a very nice reply back from Charlotte.

    She asked for more details as to our requirements, saying they are looking to expand their range and would be pleased to hear from anyone, either in replies to this thread or by contacting them directly, with requests for items they would like to purchase. Sounds promising!

  11. I am WILDLY jealous of the new eBay UK packing supplies!!!!! I hope those colorful boxes are a harbinger of things to come in the US…they are GORGEOUS.

  12. I am just amazed any business large or small wants to send anything out in a box plastered with EBAY, it will cost very little if anything at all to have your own name on the box, Why would you want to advertise another company??

  13. I think it makes sense to advertise ebay – after all, thats the platform that your customer has chosen to purchase from. I imagine that a lot of customers are buying from ebay first , the seller second.

    I received my new packaging today. Its awesome. Its free (we used our voucher) and I find it ludicrous that folk above do not want to promote ebay if thats where the sale came from.

    Some “misinformed” person above even said “Why would you want to advertise another company??” OMG. Some folks don’t get it do they?

    The packaging is colourful, strong and excellent value for money – even more so when you include the voucher. Delivery was fast – it makes sense to promote ebay. All boxes ticked 🙂

  14. Just got our code for the month and noticed that its a new seller providing the packaging – seems better pricing as well…

    Wonder why…

  15. @alan paterson ‘especially when you are receiving free vouchers for the boxes’. I am certainly not getting these vouchers for ‘free’ – check your shop fee’s and you will clearly see that the £10 is added as a ‘packaging voucher’.

  16. @ Ken, you clearly don’t know the history of the shop fee increase. The vouchers were “added” as a goodwill gesture by Ebay because so many sellers were moaning and complaining and wingeing and throwing their toys about the increase.

    I found it laughable a few months ago when sellers were complaining about there free vouchers.

    The vouchers ARE free – the shop fee increase was happening anyway and lets face it……if sellers were having such a problem with the minuscule increase there was a problem with their business anyway.

  17. @alan paterson Shop fee’s clearly show a £10 charge for ‘eBay packaging voucher’ so it is certainly NOT free or it would say free or included in the shop fee but it is listed as an additional cost. Minuscule increase! Shops fee’s have almost doubled in the past few years with absolutely nothing coming my way from eBay to help me increase my sales in the 4 shops that I have with them and any increase that I gain year on year is through my hard work and I certainly will not give eBay any credit for it. You certainly seem to like defending eBay, are you in their employment or are you getting something from them that the rest of us are not?

  18. Alan is one of the anointed few…… concierge. Quite a few on here are concierge, however there are other second class citizens like ourselves that despite selling hundreds of thousands of pounds a year through eBay have to deal with Manila call centres and bonkers “advice”. Amazing how a company can differentiate between its customers in such a way.
    That by the way isn’t a dig at Alan (who at times gets very unfair personal abuse on here) it’s a frustration at the way we are treated as a customer. I wouldn’t dream of doing the same to my clients.
    The shop fees clearly show a charge of £10, it can’t be dressed up as anything else.

  19. @ Jonah, over 50% on here are concierge. Your assumed criteria for Concierge is mistaken – it is not based on turnover. One of my ebay shops does only a £100 per day – yet it is still concierge. I can understand why you may have thought it based on turnover but the days of “power seller” are gone.

    However, I must admit I was somewhat surprised last year when my smaller shops qualified.

    Even before concierge I believed we were getting adequate support and far better than other platforms out there.

    The vouchers were actually introduced as a goodwill gesture. I presume it is listed on the ebay invoice for tax purposes (ebay will be able to “write off’ the charge for tax purposes – it keeps the record straight. I hope you don’t think I am dressing this up but i see the voucher for what it is – a goodwill gesture to “compensate” for the increase in shop fees.


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