Sellers experienced eBay Seller Hub problems today

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It looks like eBay suffered a technical glitch today Thursday with the complaints related predominantly to users of the eBay Seller Hub section of the site.

Obviously no glitch is welcome but it is unclear to what extent eBay was impacted and how many sellers were inconvenienced. Our assessment from reports on social media and emails to Tamebay would say it was intermittent and not universal. It seems to have lasted for a few hours starting at roughly 10am with sellers seeing a screen such as this.

EBay seller hub

British newspaper The Daily Express took the opportunity to publish a fairly interesting article headlined eBay DOWN: Popular online auction site NOT WORKING across the UK.

They breathlessly say in the article: “eBay shoppers hoping to nab a bargain today could be in for a shock. The hugely-successful auction site appears to be down for large swathes of the UK, as well as parts of mainland Europe. Buyers and sellers have both reported issues with parts of the site.”

We’re taking this with a pinch of salt and specifically cannot find any evidence that buyers were impacted at all by the problems that definitely did affect the eBay seller hub for a time.

eBay UK have also told Tamebay that there was a problem with some seller aspects of the site earlier on Thursday but that buyers were not inconvenienced.

What was your experience?

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  1. We got that screen error multiple times earlier today. Plus when it did work everything was in Canadian Dollars instead of GBP

  2. Lots os bugs presently with eBay. Too many changes being implemented too fast. Still have over 1000 reviews missing (8 weeks now)

  3. yes we’re currently down 24% on last month, intermittent visibility problems, and reviews missing of many of our listings, not good at all..

  4. It was down for a few hours and if you managed to get in you were on the US site. Didn’t seem to affect buyers, just couldn’t get into Seller Hub to do anything.

  5. The reviews issue is with the structured data team and now top priority. Hopefully they will get it sorted. I have requested a visit from Rob Hattrell (eBay VP) as he likes to make site visits.

  6. Hi Julius, that’s good news!, i’m sure it’s been really damaging having no reviews, for weeks, let’s hope for a resolve very soon.

  7. If eBay were a china tea set most cup handles would be missing, all the cups would be cracked & come with a free tube of glue that doesn’t stick china & the teapot would have an innovative backwards spout that pours tea over the handle for no known reason. Every set would be returned “not fit for purpose”.

    It’s business as usual at eBay towers. Nothing out of the ordinary.

  8. We saw this for about 3 hours yesterday – interestingly we also had the same problem when working with an Australian site, so not just Europe – unless it was an issue with European IT infrastructure?

  9. This actually started for us Wednesday Afternoon. After the error page it took you to Selling Manager on rather than the UK Site. Clicking back in the browser let you access selling on the UK site.

  10. Like many we were down, well could not get into seller hub, so nothing really got done with eBay yesterday. We were still getting orders however while it was down.

    per normal eBay don’t do anything with regards communication about issues.

  11. Yeah, down for quite a while for us.

    Anyone noticed the new leave feedback page? It now takes 3 times the amount of time to leave someone feedback – you have to do it one by one….

    Wish they’d put their time into fixing the broken things rather than adding rubbish new features…

  12. Had the same problems with seller hub yesterday, reported it and received an email late afternoon from eBay tech saying that it was all fixed, which it seems to be. eBay Messages were also playing up yesterday which I also reported at the same time, they obviously put this down to the same seller hub problem. Messages however are still up the spout today, takes forever to get into messages, ‘if’ it eventually does, you then can’t always view messages. Sent messages were not being seen in sent items and not flagging as replied, although some of these were getting through as we had replies. It’s completely erratic so we don’t know who’s received replies, who hasn’t and don’t know if we’re receiving all messages. Spoke to eBay again today, they couldn’t even see any communication with some of our buyers which we had been in communication with, very worrying! They flagged it as priority but it’s still not right now. Sales have been coming through but who knows what effect this will have.

  13. Since being “opted in” to the hub the glitches have been regular without explanation unless one looks about on forums…. As a service provider and partner, I expect better of ebay. I am being charged for this “service”.. and would be allowed to provide the same service to buyers!

    The issues on product reviews has been in evidence since mid August (from my records) without resolution or progress from what I have observed – I have seen several auctions (BIN) be given reviews for the product being sold but from months before I started selling it.. and the buyer reviews relate to purchases made from other sellers..

    I have reported this to ebay and the simplistic, ill informed answers from Dublin beggar belief!
    From forums I see ebay sellers are more knowledgeable than ebay employees..

    How can any of this be right?
    Why is it not beta tested with sellers who know how they need a selling platform to work?
    Why invest in more stock or new lines to have ones efforts defeated by such incompetance..

    Frustrated doesnt cover it..



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