eBay launches Car Tyre Installation service

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I’ve always wondered how people fit car tyres that they buy on eBay – I guess they pay their local tyre fitter to do the job. To make it easier, eBay has today unveiled a new Tyre Installation service, providing buyers with the opportunity to have their tyres fitted to their vehicle for as little as £1.

Launched in partnership with online tyre retailer Blackcircles, the new service enables you to have tyres fitted by a verified installer in your chosen location. Buyers will be shown the option to add installation at the point of purchase, and again at checkout.

I checked for locations near to where I live in Thatcham and there are 5 local garages and a couple of dozen within 25 miles to pick from which suggests coverage is pretty good (To put 1200 sites into perspective, it’s way more locations than Argos have stores).

19,000 new tyres are purchased on average every month on eBay UK. eBay’s new Tyre Installation service will offer those buyers an end-to-end shopping experience with tyre installation on over 10,000 unique products at over 1,200 locations across the UK.

“As one of the nation’s favourite places to buy their car parts online, it seems only right that we should be assisting shoppers with installation too. Offering buyers the option to have their tyres fitted felt like a natural progression and helps with our aim to provide every individual shopper with the ultimate buying experience. At this time of year, we often see a spike in winter tyre purchases as Brits prepare for the cold snap. In November last year, searches for “winter tyres” on the site increased 69% month on month. I’m delighted that we are now not only able to offer buyers a full range of tyres but, by partnering with Blackcircles, to help with installation too.”
– Kevin Steward, Head of Sales, Vehicle Parts & Accessories, UK Trading at eBay

eBay’s Tyre Installation service is live on the site now across inventory from the top 20 tyre brands, including Continental, Michelin and Pirelli.

11 Responses

  1. We can’t work out Why we would bother with eBay,
    We would Just go direct to anyone of these centres And have tyres fitted

  2. Tyre fitting for as little as a £1? So no valve or balance then?! Dont worry about that, save a few quid, knacker the tyre. Oh and what about the disposal of the old tyre?
    My only guess is that all these costs will be built into the price thus increasing ebays margins!
    Just go direct. Simple.

  3. Tyres fitted from a £1!!
    So after fees the garage fitting these is getting less than 90p a tyre. Something doesn’t add up here. What are the extras that will be charged?

  4. @ Richard Christon – As above, valve & balance, shall I check your tracking sir? It all adds up…

    My first look at Ebay in 2007/8 was to sell tyres, with free fitting for those in my local area at a depot run by a friend of mine.

  5. the only new bit about this is you’re being charged a quid.

    i’m pretty sure tamebay featured it when they were doing free fitting ages ago.
    in fact, yup, here it is:

    why you passing this off as news? is this another paid for advert masquerading as content?

    and for everyone else wondering about how they can do it for a quid, they don’t, its included in the price of the tyre, much the same as free postage. gasp shocks wow.
    – go direct to the website and you don’t pay the quid either, they deliver to the garage and fitting is included.

  6. Blackcircles?? Three local tyre fitters beat their prices soundly last time I bought tyres.

    AND you are supporting local businesses not filling eBay’s coffers. Why do we support these money-grubbing American companies?

  7. I would have also like a tyre recycling option for old tyres. Now that would be impressive….

  8. We are a Independent family run tyre company and We recently signed up to Black circle to become a fitter for them , But Basically it is a big con . They tell you you will be the only fitter for them in your postcode area But your not you are then competing with the big guys like ATS , Formula 1 etc and for that privilege you pay black circle £120 per month wether you get a job or not Then the pay you 30 days later for fitting the tyre . so you have to have at least 10 tyres just to break even .
    So this just sounds like another scam between ebay and black circle.


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