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Etsy have just started a test which enables buyers to find items with items with short processing times. This is a test so not all Etsy buyers will see the new search filter and you won’t know if you’re products have been displayed to buyers seeing the fast shipping search option.

“We know that some buyers come to Etsy for last-minute purchases, we’re testing additional search filters on Etsy to help buyers find items that ship quickly and will make it to them in a short window of time.”
– Etsy

Etsy’s goal is to offer search filters which makes it easy for shoppers to find listings that meet their specific needs for shipping, such as finding items with fast shipping. This makes a lot of sense at this time of year as buyers will want to know that their purchases will arrive in time for Christmas. However it’s not just Christmas when buyers may have a need for speed – last minute birthdays, weddings, parties and a whole host of other events may trigger a distress purchase and where better to turn than Etsy with the vast array of hand made and craft orientated products to find a unique and special gift?

As with all tests that they run, Etsy recommend you don’t make changes to your listings to try to take advantage of the new fast shipping search filters – they may not be shown to your buyers and there’s no guarantee that they’ll become a permanent site feature. However it is always worth reviewing your shipping policies and offering a range of economy and expedited shipping options (not just on Etsy but on every site you sell).

You’ll want oo appeal to the widest possible range of customers and their preferences at the time of purchase. Sometimes this means offering fast shipping albeit at a higher price whilst other customers might prefer to save a little money with economy shipping and wait a little longer to receive their parcel. On Etsy this is particularly important for sellers who require processing time while they manufacture items. If there’s a few days lead time before you even ship then offering an expedited fast shipping service once the product is prepared may make the difference between winning the order or losing a customer.


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