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eBay are to hike the prices for eBay delivery powered by Shutl from January, although they say that the price increase will be ‘modest’. These services include myHermes, Collect Plus, UPS and UKMail.

“As you may know, we work closely with Shutl to build and develop delivery services with features that are important to sellers. As a result of continuous development and to reflect the costs of our suppliers, Shutl will adjust the prices offered by eBay delivery powered by Shutl from the beginning of January. The price change will be modest and will still allow us to offer the services at competitive rates.”
– eBay

Starting in early January, sellers will see the new price rates in some services offered through eBay delivery powered by Shutl. We haven’t had visibility of the new prices yet, but you can check the latest prices which doubtless will be amended soon on the eBay delivery services powered by Shutl webpage.

If you offer these services in your listings then you will of course want to adjust your prices as soon as the new rates are revealed.

All services will continue to include tracking which will be automatically integrated into eBay, and also standard compensation (the amount of which will vary depending on the service selected).

Not great news for the start of 2018, so we’re crossing our fingers that Shutl’s idea of a ‘modest’ price increase is the same as ours – we’ll let you know as soon as we know what the new rates are.

6 Responses

  1. What more do you expect from anything connected to ebay? Get people in….. then hike prices. Bet there will be another price rise later in the spring when RM etc increase prices. Smart move, sneak one in now and another under the disguise of ‘the couriers have increased’…..
    Oh hang on, ebay take 10% of postage fees so they must be a bit short again.

  2. Mmm, don’t use it but looking at the prices there isn’t much squeaking room compared to RM, who remain the nations favourite and most trusted delivery service, and whose digital side has been and is continuing to improve and improve in recent times, new delivery practises which track all items to their destination address will I think see the competition struggle. Ebay would have done better to build relationships and systems with RM going back a couple of years, but that would have taken a long term relationship & strategy which ebay are I think illergic to !! Better a quick fix, followed by a patch to fix the quick fix, followed by banning the original application and starting again on a different tack with a new supplier, how they (Ebay) got so big and stay there is one of the wonders of the modern world.

  3. If it costs more than the couriers own pricing, just go the courier themselves and arrange the delivery.


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