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This post about Trade Me is part of Tamebay’s January 2018 Marketplaces series.

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Marketplace Overview

Trade Me is the most popular online shopping destination in New Zealand. They don’t just offer the sales of goods, but also excel at motors and dating too. According to their site stats page, at time of writing, they claim Trade Me has 76,662 people online right now, 4,265,245 live accounts and 32k live listings. 3.9 million New Zealanders hold an account and that’s an astonishing 85% of the population of the country. It’s the biggest homegrown online concern in the country.

Seller registration and requirements

If you want to start selling on Trade Me in New Zealand, they’re keen to hear from UK sellers. The DIT (Department for International Trade) has negotiated a discount on fees. You can enjoy a 15% reduction in commission from 9.85% gross (including payment fees) to 8.37%. Find out more here.

Product listings and fulfilment

The marketplace works rather more like eBay than Amazon, which means you can prosper by creating and honing your own listings. But they do want to accredit overseas sellers. Trade Me says it wants to work with sellers who have solid ecommerce expertise already and seeks to attract sellers generating approximately £125,000 to £200,000 a year on existing marketplaces. Sellers in New Zealand are free to sell goods without hindrance.

You can make your listings via the API, a content management system and spreadsheet/CSV upload. Sellers manage fulfilment without marketplace interference.

There are no monthly subs or listing fees: you just pay for sold listings through success fees and payment processing. Disbursement is every 30 days.

As a seller outside of NZ, you’ll need to make sure you’re adept at despatching to New Zealand if you’re keen to hook up with Trade Me.

Trade Me is integrated with many of the multi-channel software providers so it isn’t terribly hard to start listing and selling there. Are you tempted?

Tamebay’s take on Trade Me

Trade Me represents an interesting opportunity. Not only is it the key ecommerce player in New Zealand, where Amazon and eBay have largely failed to penetrate, the country offers a sophisticated and affluent clientele that are well aware that they are relatively remote. Kiwis expect that delivery will take time and are generally realistic, from everything we hear. They broadly embrace the selection they get from shopping online and don’t expect that overseas purchases will be arriving on the next day.

If you have you any experience selling on Trade Me, please do share your wisdom.



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