New OnBuy Linnworks Integration with subscription-free offer

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Many retailers have said that the reason they won’t currently integrate with OnBuy is the lack of multichannel management integration. Today there is good news for Linnworks users as OnBuy have announced a partnership with Linnworks, offering thousands of sellers the opportunity to seamlessly trade on the marketplace with a new OnBuy Linnworks Integration.

OnBuy Linnworks Integration

It’s all been made possible with a new OnBuy Linnworks app. To integrate with OnBuy, sellers simply need to link their Linnworks app with OnBuy, export product data from Linnworks to OnBuy and start selling. The process is straightforward but OnBuy will offer free technical support if needed.

Users can process their OnBuy orders, send dispatch notifications, and manage stock updates and prices through Linnworks.

“We are delighted to welcome Linnworks sellers to OnBuy through this integration, which makes selling on our platform straightforward and hassle-free for thousands of users.”
– Cas Paton, OnBuy MD

A year selling on OnBuy subscription free

To mark the launch of its new Linnworks App, OnBuy is offering all users of the e-commerce service a year of trading without subscription fees. Linnworks users who use the promo code will not have to pay OnBuy’s £19 per month standard selling fee for 12 months – just OnBuy’s sales commission which starts at 5%.

To take advantage of the offer, business users simply need to quote the promo code LINNAPPDEAL when signing up with OnBuy by January 31, 2018.

Linnworks are one of the biggest multichannel management providers (based on number of users), so this integration immediately opens up OnBuy to thousands of Linnworks merchants with full multichannel support. With a year subscription free there really is no real downside – nothing to pay, a quick Linnworks app to enable and your products can be listed on OnBuy and available for customers to buy.

“We’re delighted to be adding an integration with OnBuy to the Linnworks Application Store, providing our customer base with an even greater choice of channels and access to one of the fastest growing marketplaces in the UK.”
– Callum Campbell, Linnworks CEO

3 Responses

  1. Would Onbuy also consider adding integration with Sixbit?

    A lot of sellers moved to Sixbit when Turbolister was axed by Ebay and many of these are in the collectables and artistic areas, which could be good ones for Onbuy.

    Just a suggestion.

  2. Great news, this is is exactly what a new marketplace needs to generate growth.

    If you make it easy for sellers to sell, more products will be added to the site and the buyers will come.

    I will be sharing this news with my clients!

  3. We’ve signed up and are giving this a try.

    My experience / feedback so far;

    The initial sales contact and response was excellent, but ask questions before signing up – once I’d done so, it was clear the sales person had been reassigned to other new prospects and told not to spend time answering queries from a completed sale.

    The Linnworks Integration was very easy to implement and so far seems to behave very well (although it’s early days, so I haven’t needed to really stretch it !)

    Support are pretty good, and significantly more helpful than Amazon’s support. Response speed can be a bit variable and they don’t seem to work weekends, but at least they speak good English.

    The documentation on product csv imports could be a lot better – I’ve just sent in a test file, and still have a few questions which I’m hoping it’ll answer. Things like;
    – Whether it’s okay to use very basic html (really, just paragraph breaks, line breaks and bullet points) in product descriptions
    – Whether they use the image url just to copy the image onto their servers or if they just link to my server for ever more (which could create a cost if I have to buy additional bandwidth)
    – If I can list currently out of stock items, and if so, how the listing behaves on their site (hidden / marked OOS or whatever)

    So far, I’m reasonably happy with OnBuy and accept that most of these issues are just about me having to get used to a new platform and a new set of data file requirements. The true test will be the ongoing effort required in relation to the number of orders and profitability, which will likely take a few months to gauge.


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