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Importing your own stock direct from the manufacturer in China is a goal for many businesses, but fraught with difficulties. Finding the best supplier to manufacture your products and quality standards checking are difficult to manage when you’re the other side of the world, and that’s without the language and cultural differences you’ll inevitably face.

Adam Gilbourne recognising, the challenges online sellers face, set up Easy Imex to cut through the red tape and assist retailers who want to accelerate their businesses. They’ve got people on the ground in China who can find factories that perhaps a westerner would never discover and can streamline the whole import flow from commissioning a product to getting it shipped.

We spoke to Adam to find out more about what Easy Imex can offer and how they can help you grow your business:

Who are Easy Imex?

I started Easy Imex in 2004 with the goal of making it easy for businesses to import from China.

From early on it was obvious that dealing with Chinese suppliers was a challenge. There are a number of reasons why: cultural, language barriers, business ethics and more– but the fact was there was a need for someone on the ground to manage these factories.

Because I made mistakes early on, and I was based in China, it seemed obvious that other businesses would be experiencing similar problems.

Over the years we’ve grown the business to become one of the largest Western-run, China-based sourcing companies. As more and more of our clients started selling their products on Amazon and eBay, we tailored our services to suit the specific requirements of the ecommerce customer. In 2017, we exported over $20 million dollars of product out of China, with more than 70% of that for the eCommerce market.

What do you do?

Easy Imex offers end-to-end sourcing solutions. We manage the entire process from sourcing, supplier verification, and contract formation, right through to shipping to your warehouse/fulfilment centre/Amazon FBA.

We partner with businesses to drive growth and scalability by expanding the rate at which our clients bring new products to the market, and by improving the pricing, defect rate and overall product quality of their existing range.

Ultimately, we give our clients controls over their supply chain in China. We help them increase their competitiveness through sourcing better suppliers, negotiating lower pricing, improving packaging and through managing quality assurance and quality control.

What type of seller should be interested?

Our preferred partners are established eCommerce sellers who are looking to scale their business by improving their existing supply chain in China.

We also help businesses who are looking to take their products into new markets such as the US. We’ll help with market entry, warehousing and distribution, shipping, and customs clearance.

If you are having supplier issues, or if you want better pricing and improved product quality, then Easy Imex is a good fit.

How can you help me accelerate my business growth?

By managing the China side of our clients supply chains, we enable our clients to focus on optimizing other sides of their business, such as marketing, and product development.

Importing from China can be frustrating, especially if you’re trying to launch new products or if you are trying to grow your business and build-up the number of product lines you’re already importing. Aside from factories making silly, yet expensive mistakes, with the actual product, factories are terrible at creating product instruction manuals and packaging the product correctly to minimize damage during shipment/courier delivery.

Our team handles all of the above to ensure our clients are getting top reviews for their products on Amazon and eBay. We become your team on the ground in China.

“We were looking at a 5 percent defect rate before working with Easy Imex. Today it’s at probably half a percent.
Because of the help you’ve given us, in the space of 2 years we’ve tripled the business.”

– Ian Hill – top UK Amazon and eBay supplier within his product category

Why should I use you instead of your competitors?

Our biggest competitor is actually the customers doing it themselves. Our advantage lies in our experience supplying products for the eCommerce market and most importantly our on the ground presence in China.

We understand that pricing is crucial when selling online. We are confident that through price negotiations, reduced defect rates, and lower overall shipping costs, that we will bring product to market at a lower price than what the customers could do themselves.

Another advantage of using Easy Imex is that we give our clients access to manufacturers that are not found on trade website such as Alibaba and Made in China. This gives our clients a big advantage over their competitors as these suppliers offer unbeatable pricing due to lower overhead costs and minimal marketing budgets.

What should I do next?

As a special offer for Tamebay readers, Easy Imex is providing a free membership to our eCommerce package (usually priced at USD$499) for the first 5 enquiries who mention Tamebay. Contact us at [email protected].

We’ll also be back in the UK in May and would love to drop in and meet you face to face.

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