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There are two ways for your business to increase profits – the top line which means increasing your revenues and attracting more sales and the bottom line which involves streamlining your business and cutting out costs. Greater sales always looks sexy in your accounts, but many businesses forget those all important percentage points that can be added to margins by trimming the invoices you pay to suppliers.

Abbas Ali Parcel WarehouseParcel Warehouse has been set up to help you manage your carriers, one of the biggest and unavoidable expenses for any online business. They can assist in two ways – optimising your carrier management saving you time booking couriers and then chasing lost or delayed parcels, and giving access to a wider range of carriers enabling you to save money when an alternate delivery method is more appropriate.

We spoke to Abbas Ali, MD at Parcel Warehouse to find out more:

Who are Parcel Warehouse?

I started Parcel Warehouse back in 2012, having sold a similar business just before, so we are now in our 6th year. We wanted to offer a better delivery experience no matter which carrier service we were reselling.

Parcel Warehouse is a 3rd Party Logistics business that specialises in sending your parcels within the UK and Worldwide. We use national and international delivery networks to complete the final mile delivery and have developed world class solutions (specially negotiated rates, carrier management software, access to marketplaces) to enable your business to deliver the very best experience for your customers.

What do you do?

We act as a middleman between the your business and the carrier. We have developed our affordable carrier management software which integrates with over 400 carriers globally, allowing you to book, label, print, track and manage your returns.

Parcel Warehouse Screen Shot

Your carriers, our carriers or a combination

You are free to use our software as a self-service label generation tool with your carriers, and have the option to use our carriers (which are heavily discounted) should you want to trial a new carrier or you can use a combination of your and our carriers.


For webshops using Magento, Woocommerce, Opencart or Prestashop we have direct integrations that will allow you to manage your deliveries from your webshop control panel (more integrations will follow later this year). There is also the option to print your labels with our CSV bulk upload tool.

What can you do for me?

Using our carrier management software comes with no upfront integration cost, no monthly subscription and no capital expenditure. It is a completely self-service software that allows you to really get on with running your online business, it is intuitive to use and will save you hours every day instead of using multiple carrier systems, excel spreadsheets, or manual consignment notes.

Through our software all your shipments can be managed from one place, putting the control in your hands and not in the hands of the carriers.

If you choose to use our carriers you will also benefit from heavily discounted tariffs.

What does your ideal customer look like?

Ideally if you are using multiple carriers, or are sending more than 100 shipments per day to different countries, or run a fulfilment centre for other customers then you should speak to us about our solutions. Or if you use another carrier management software and are paying too much, or find that there aren’t enough carriers being offered, please get in touch today.

Why should I use you instead of your competitors?

The obvious choice may be to go direct with the carrier or via an online parcel broker. What separates us from all our competition is that as a 3PL we have learnt how each carrier operates, so we know the strengths and weaknesses of the delivery networks and hence can design your delivery solution around your requirements. We can enable a better delivery experience for your customer than if you go direct with the carrier, a delivery that is faster, cheaper and safer than that which the carrier can offer.

Since the beginning of this year we have only had 2 parcels returned to us as undelivered. We have developed our delivery software to enable you to achieve your business ambition.

We can have you up and running within 1 working day, many of our competitors take between 2 weeks and 2 months to get you started with a tie in period, and may charge setup fees – Our simple affordable business model has been designed to enable ecommerce growth.

What should I do next?

You can book a demonstration today, or sign up to a free account and try us out and learn more about how we can help your ecommerce business sell more by giving your customers the delivery experience they truly deserve.


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