eBay offer gives sellers a max £3 selling fee for 100 items

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There’s a new eBay offer for private sellers that gives some preferential terms. It’s not universal and only available to private sellers. You can find all of the vital details below.

eBay offer

The offer is only open between the 13th and 16th of April. And it’s only available to eligible sellers and you also need to apply and register to get your hands on the deal. It’s all laid out at this link. Or you may well have received an email. Check out My Messages for an email telling if you are eligible..

Here are some of the Ts and Cs:

– This promotion is open to all registered private sellers who have been invited to take part and have actively opted in. Participation is linked to the seller’s account and is not transferable. Sellers must be registered as a resident in the UK.

– Only sellers whose accounts meet eBay minimum seller performance standards are eligible. Please sign in to My eBay and view your seller standards dashboard to verify whether your account is currently meeting the standards. The seller standards dashboard is available to all sellers here.

– If you registered after 15 March 2011 or haven’t listed any items for a while, you may have a listing allowance of 10 items per month or of £650 per month, whichever is reached first. You may be able to increase this allowance by providing additional verification.
– eBay Terms for the selling promotion

No promo is to be sniffed at. But isn’t it time for a tickle aimed a professional sellers who always pay their way on eBay and would crave a boon?

7 Responses

  1. So…..
    eBay charge fees for:
    1. Final value of the item (10%)
    2. Cost of the postage (10%)
    (anyone that can’t see how this is a first class ripoff must need their head looking at)
    3. Then there is the paypal fees (3.4% + 20p)

    Now they want to charge for an insertion fee?
    For a long time now insertions on 20, then 100, then back to 20 items have been free, as they should be, the other fees are more than enough to pay.
    (If you sell more than 100 items a month you should be a business.)

    Now they want to get us to pay £3 to sell 100 items. Its the thin end of the wedge, they are wanting to introduce permanent insertion fees again. On their website eBay state the fees are fair. They are not fair. The fees on postage is complete robbery. They say the idea is to pass on the cost of fees to the buyer, but if you do that the buyer won’t buy. Then there is the appalling attitude eBay has towards the seller, who is basically treated as a cash cow with no rights. There are better places to sell.

    Insertion fees? they’re having a bit of a larf!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Fees are far, far too high. There are plenty of other market places now. I don’t know why anyone wants to bother with eBay, unless you’re from China and can sell everything for next to nothing.
    Something else ebay have forgotten. Sellers are buyers too. I got fed up with the massive fees, went elsewhere and ended up not buying from eBay either. I did notice anyway there are less buyers on eBay than there used to be, so why pay high fees for a diminishing audience?

  3. So is this a good offer? Should I sign up for it? I probably only sell about 50 items a year would it be worth my while?

  4. What I don’t see in the T’s and C’s is that the item has to be listed on those days, so if you accept the offer and reduce the cost of items you already have listed, you will still be charged the full final valuation fee. I sold four items, expecting to £13, but because the items were not “listed” between those dates, just sold, I have been charged £42!

  5. I received this promotional offer, accepted it and listed an expensive item. When the item sold, I was charged the usual 10%. This turned the supposed £3 maximum into £30.
    I immediately went to check the promotional message to make sure my item had been eligible… but there was no promotional message. It was gone from my eBay inbox, e-mail inbox and promotional offers history as if it never existed. I found this page in my attempts to prove the offer existed and discovered this kind of thing has happened before.


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