iPosters hit 100,000 eBay feedback to earn a Red Shooting Star

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Three months before I heard of eBay and opened my first eBay account, a chap called Nick signed up to sell on the marketplace. On the 31st of May 2002 Nick started out on eBay with what was to become iPosters and he’s been trading ever since until yesterday he hit the magical 100,000 feedback earning him a red shooting star alongside his feedback score.

I’ve known Nick for years and, as have most eBay sellers who have been around for that long, he’s had his fair share of hiccoughs along the way. It’s only natural that, with the number of changes eBay have imposed in the past decade and a half that Nick’s been selling on eBay, a few troublesome customers have come his way and eBay policy changes have forced him to tweak his business operations.

Nick is one of the old school of eBay sellers and one of the first I got to know, first on the eBay PowerSeller boards and then at various marketplace events and of course on Tamebay where he’s been a regular reader and commenter for over a decade – Nick was one of Tamebay’s first subscribers! When I look back over the years, many of the eBay sellers from the early 2000’s are no longer trading and have moved on to other things, Nick is one of the few survivors who has adapted, changed and adapted again.

To earn 100,000 feedback isn’t easy as anyone selling on eBay will know. There are hours upon hours of picking and packing and it takes a real commitment to be stuffing jiffy bags (or putting posters in tubes in Nick’s case) and that 100,000 feedback will represent thousands more orders as not everyone leaves feedback – Nick had to sell almost 190,000 items on eBay to achieve the 100,000 feedback received landmark.

A huge congratulations to Nick and the iPosters team (including Pepper) on their achievement. Nick, next time I run into you the beers are on me!

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    100.000 is the tip of the iceberg, deserves a medal as big as a dustbin lid
    were probably around 60.000 but over a number of IDS,
    we know the effort and commitment it needs

  2. Ahh, thanks Chris. It has not been easy but would have been impossible without committed staff and the help & tips given by yourself and others in the same boat. I will take you up on that beer as well 🙂

  3. Yes, well done Nick on that achievement.

    As you rightly say Chris, “To earn 100,000 feedback isn’t easy” on eBay we are running at about 35% feedback but on Amazon we are only achieving a very poor 3.35%, on more orders processed.

    We do not chase for feedback on either market place, so it is purely from natural customer responses.

  4. Fantastic achievement Nick.

    It is great to see one of our customers hit these type of landmarks and know we are working with the best merchants out there.

    As a shipping Company that likes to think of ourselves as protectors of feedback in the USA we know how hard it can be to keep a high score over a long period of time but you are proving that it is possible. Well done Nick.

    Peter & Kevin at eTail-USA.

  5. Well done, I was one of those who gave up after ten years.

    “fast & friendly help by email or phone” Just curious, how does he do that on eBay!

  6. we started in the late 1990s
    we have to say ebay itself is much easier these days
    far less site issues,
    customer support really good,
    non payers far less,
    its competition from other sellers and marketplaces that causes the most pain

    *** waits for the onslaught***

  7. Well done, I have never really took much notice of our FB score, we are currently on 89k, I am not sure how long it would take to get the 100k mark or if we ever will.

  8. Well done, Nick. Fabulous achievement and good opportunity to pause and pat yourself on the back for coming so far and building your business. Claim the well-earned beer!


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