What registrations do you need to sell on the 12 Amazon international marketplaces?

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There are 12 Amazon international marketplaces that you can sell on. But what registrations do you need in order to start selling outside of the UK? The other 11 are: Australia, India, China, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Canada and the United States.

The good news is that you don’t need 12 separate accounts or registrations. What do you need to do?

One registration and access to all 5 European marketplaces

This is the easy bit. If you set out to sell on Amazon on the UK then you can get access to the five European markets at the same time: in fact they encourage it. And if you want to plug into FBA, you can engage with the Europe FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) programme pretty easily too. That means you just send one consignment to Amazon and then they spread it around their fulfilment centres (FCs) as they judge fit based on their logistical expertise. All of the info required for starting out as a UK-based European seller can be found here.

One North American account: 3 Amazon marketplaces

One obvious new horizon for Amazon merchants selling successfully in the UK and Europe is North America. Amazon.com doesn’t just service the United States but yanks are the biggest constituent buyers. And the USA remains Amazon’s biggest marketplace, needless to say.

And it’s three for one. You’ll need a different email address but all your other registration details are good for Amazon.com and you get the USA, Canada and Mexico all in.

The Amazon international marketplaces in the Asia Pacific region are more tricky

There isn’t a unified APAC registration, so you’ll need to sign up to each of the four marketplaces here on a case by case basis.

It’s the newest of the Amazon national marketplaces and a valid prospect: the UK and Australia have strong links and a common language. You’ll need to sign up independently for Amazon Australia and that attracts a $49.95 monthly fee and also a 6-15% sales commission on conversions. FBA has also launched down under.

In Japan you’ll need help if you’re non-resident. You require an agent who will handle import declarations and pay duties and taxes on your behalf. But FBA is available. If the notion of Amazon Japan seems daunting, don’t forget that they offer the seller dashboard in English so you can administer sales more easily.

You need a specific registration when selling on Amazon China and you’ll need a local agent to act on your behalf too. But China is the most populous country in the world so well worth considering.

And India is tricky too. Such are the local laws, you must be affiliated to a business there. To sell in India on Amazon (or indeed on any other marketplace) you require the services of a third-party provider to represent you and a local bank account is required. India is a hard nut to crack.

If you want to know more about selling globally on Amazon, this page will help.

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  1. I just need a bank account in Hong Kong surely. Seemed to have worked well enough for certain people over the last 15 years and tax free.


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