The marketplace’s renewed passion for eBay coupons is good news for merchants

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You will have likely seen various promotions and offers for eBay coupons over recent months in your inbox and in onsite promotions. Many are targeted to specific categories or even groups of sellers. Others target specific buyer types with the hope of changing their behaviour. Whilst others are generic and site wide.

What sort of coupons have you seen on offer and do you think that your business has benefited from eBay’s renewed passion for the promotional vehicles?

My own experience of eBay coupons late last week was entirely positive and a good example of how they can bring benefits to buyers, sellers and eBay itself. I received a tantalising offer related to a buying account that has lain dormant for some months.

The eBay coupon offered me a generous £10 off any purchase on eBay UK over £20. I found an item with free shipping I had been wanting for some time. It was already competitively priced at £23 and I bought it for £13. The package hasn’t arrived yet, so I may yet rue the decision, but getting such a good saving was a delight.I’m not particularly worried because the merchant has excellent feedback and a successful track-record when selling that product.

It also triggered two behaviours: I bought an item on eBay for the first time in quite some months. I was also lured away from Amazon where I intended to make the purchase and had several examples of the item already in my shopping cart but couldn’t find a really good price.

Coupons such as this also represent a cunning use of marketing spend on behalf of eBay. But putting up the cash for the coupon, when it is used it gives an additional sale to a seller and also fees for them too. It’s a sound investment in merchants. It seems likely we will see much more use of eBay coupons in the months to come.

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  1. Well I never seem to get many coupons, we do quidco everything. I am in the process on doing a full house refurbishment right now. I mean spending a fortune everything from tanking slurry for a basement to new washing machines.
    Toolstation and Screwfix have had over £3K worth of sales. Overpriced B&Q £100 worth of paint.

    We did get the washing machine from eBay (Genuine AO online deal couple of weeks ago) the CO-op electrical one was not so genuine last week, inflated prices to cover so called discount (compare everything)
    Along with a shower seal (ebay) and a waste pipe (Amazon) we have not bought much from Marketplaces.

    A lot of the retailers in our sector are offering 20% of right now but it is all direct.


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