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Steve Fisher eBay SVP Payments who will implement Adyen on eBayFollowing the new appointment of Steve Fisher eBay SVP Payments, we know know who will implement Adyen on eBay, so we thought it time to lay out what sellers want from eBay Payments. These are all points that Tamebay readers have raised recently, but feel free to add your own opinions in comments below this article.

Sellers want to see major improvements over PayPal when eBay implement Adyen on eBay. They don’t want more of the same, they want a better more robust, fully integrated eBay Payments with more choice and more certainty.

  1. Stability and certainty for eBay businesses

    There are a number of things sellers will be demanding from eBay Payments but the most critical is stability and certainty for their business. Currently, it’s possible to have your PayPal account suspended or limited while your eBay account remains in good standing but of course you can’t trade on eBay if you don’t offer PayPal. Since the split, the two companies have demonstrated a different appetite for risk and we have seen instances where a PayPal account closure kills the ability to trade on eBay.

    When eBay Payments implement Adyen on eBay, we want to see sellers having the ability to trade with just one judge and jury that can limit a business and a judge and jury that does what’s best for eBay buyers, eBay sellers and eBay equally.

    It’s equally bad for buyers who today if they have a problem with a transaction can be sent back and forth between eBay and PayPal with both suggesting it’s the responsibility of the other to make things right for the customer.

  2. Bullet proof reliability

    There has always been a certain amount of randomness to payment reliability on eBay. Sometimes a transaction on eBay may be marked ready to ship when PayPal say the payment hasn’t yet completed or is on hold. Sometimes the payment will clear in PayPal but eBay isn’t updated. It’s time to end the running of two completely different systems which though largely reliable do have their glitches and to fully embed payments into the fabric of eBay and eliminate the possibility of the two systems not being fully in synch.

  3. Payment options

    In today’s world where you can tap and pay for your transport ticket with Google Pay or use FaceID to complete an online purchase with ApplePay it’s somewhat bizarre that on eBay you still have to link your bank account or card with PayPal before you can make a purchase. Why can’t you use Apple’s SecureID or authenticate with your fingerprint and Google Pay to make a purchase on eBay? What about the Chinese audience, where is the integration for AliPay, and yes we know that is a competitor marketplace’s payment system but realistically allowing consumers to pay with the option that suits them best is the most likely route to get them buying on eBay.

  4. Lower Fees

    PayPal is a superb service. Without PayPal eBay would never have grown to the size and scale that is has done. Equally PayPal was propelled to the heights it has achieved off the back of eBay sales volumes and investments. It’s not a particularly cheap service in today’s world of free and instant bank transfers so sellers will be looking closely at what eBay does with fees and demanding savings.

    Certainly Sellers don’t want to see a more expensive payments solution and they will notice if eBay rolls eBay Payment Fees into final selling fees and they end up costing more then the sum of their current eBay and PayPal combined costs.

9 Responses

  1. Also the ability to pay our currencies into our €/$ Currency Direct accounts rather than pay eBay’s ruinous conversion rates.

  2. Some more for Steve Fisher:

    Sellers also don’t want to see a delayed disbursement system along the lines of Amazon. Immediate payment should mean just that.

    Sellers would also want to see payment fees refunded in full or part when they have to make refunds due to Ebay site issues, e.g.. postage not combining when buyers don’t or can’t use the basket, or the other glitches Ebay never gets round to fixing.

    Sellers would also want an end to the exchange rate rip off rates and fees imposed by paypal on foreign currency transactions, particularly when those funds are converted back to Sterling.

    There should also be an end to the ludicrously long periods buyers can make a paypal chargeback, notionally up to 180 days.

    Ebay’s time limits for non-receipt or not as described should apply to all payments, thus closing a longstanding loophole exploited by the unscrupulous.

    Sellers should also have protection against card chargebacks and particularly should not be charged £14 for the payment issue to be dealt with!

  3. Were all howling at the moon
    Its ebay
    It will be ebays way or no way
    Like it or lump it

  4. The payment system also needs to be linked to an address checker. I am now spending over an hour a day correcting the addresses entered by customers. As a payment provider eBay should be verifying each address at checkout.

  5. Words on deaf ears but:
    1. Primarily instant access to funds as is now. I also trade on Etsy and it takes 3-5 days for funds to be available via Adyen.
    2. Acceptance of global currencies as now into currency accounts. We trade globally.
    3. Transaction fees comparable to card processors, i.e. .75 to 1.75% which we pay now on direct sales. Yes I do understand that we all need to make a profit but Worldpay are doing well.

  6. Andy R hit the nail on the head with this one.

    It is unreasonable that a buyer can contact ebay and be denied based on ebays policies and subsequently open a case with paypal and win. Damn, even if they lose with paypal they can still go back to their payment source and open a chargeback.

    Therefore it is unreasonable that although Paypals policy clearly states returns can be made within the sellers time frame, that they allow it to go 180 days and the seller has no recourse.

    Lastly, rumor in the mill is that ebays initial Adyen integration may exclude paypal simply because that piece is not ready yet. If that is true, they should wait, as in my opinion it would be the dumbest thing ever.

  7. Can’t help feeling that there will be only be one winner in this move and we all know who that is.
    We’re heading towards us all working for eBay and it’s not something I’m comfortable with at all…..


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