eBay on-demand payout and enhanced security for UK

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eBay on-demand payout is rolling out to UK sellers, meaning that even if you’ve selected a longer period between disbursements you can transfer funds to you bank account whenever you need access to your money.

There’s now a strong argument for opting for a monthly payout schedule so that you always have a balance to cover any refunds or other costs you need to cover, having the ability to spend the funds on eBay, but safe in the knowledge that if your sales are good and you’re short of cash in your bank account that you can request on-demand payouts at any point (or several points) during the month.

Having funds on eBay will be even more interesting for many sellers as soon you’ll be able to hold a balance from your sales and spend the funds on eBay. Known as Spendable funds, this eBay digital wallet will be like the days of PayPal when you could either withdraw funds to your bank or use them for your eBay spending – you’ll be able to select your spendable funds as a payment method at checkout.

Enhanced Security

As eBay on-demand payout is rolled out, enhanced security procedures are being applied to accounts. These are required under the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), a regulation affecting users in the United Kingdom and the EU. As a result, you may be subject to additional verification, including by asking you to re-enter your login credentials or a one-time code sent to you via SMS when you undertake certain activities on eBay.

5 Responses

  1. Anyone who’s been reading the eBay forums can see the disaster this rollout has caused. Many people locked out of their accounts. Security emails and SMS verification codes not being sent, or only being received periodically. I myself, live in an area with poor reception so have to run about outside before I can receive the text before going indoors to enter it. I think eBay’s support are overwhelmed with issues at the moment, as there are currently a number of problems affecting the site, from being unable to send invoices, to log in loops, to issues with the new lister, which I think they should have delayed until after sorting out the enhanced security for logging in.

  2. Its just another eBay scheme to cream the interest off and hold on to the cash for as long as they can.
    I can see some of its uses, but come on, we all know its never for the benefit of the sellers.

  3. Has there been any news on when ‘spendable funds’ can be used to pay for postage/courier fees?


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