Adyen eBay Payments Screen Shot from beta testing

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The first eBay Payments Screen Shot has been spotted on as beta tests roll out and Adyen starts to power payments for the marketplace. This is what will eventually become the default across eBay world wide with some sellers in the US already opting in and starting to use Adyen this month as eBay rolls out testing from eBay staff members to real eBay sellers.

The first thing to note from the eBay Payments Screen Shot is that PayPal is not offered on these listings, although it will eventually become a part of eBay payments. For the beta tests eBay said up front that PayPal would not be an option but will be added later. The only payment option currently in eBay Payments is debit or credit card.

Sellers may also have a bit of a shock coming down the line when PayPal is eventually added. It is very possible (as seen with Etsy Payments) that PayPal will be offered but not to sellers’ personal PayPal accounts. PayPal payments may go straight into eBay Payments and be disbursed to sellers accounts along with credit and debit card and other payment methods such as Apple Pay which eBay have already announced will be their first new integration.

When a buyer makes their first payment with eBay Payments, they’ll find their name and invoice address already pre-populated and will be asked to enter their preferred payment card details. eBay offer to store these details for future payments which shouldn’t come as a surprise, but if you prefer eBay and Adyen not to store your payment credentials that is an option. We’re already hearing from eBay users who say they don’t want their payment credentials store by eBay as they don’t trust them but that’s a bit of an alarmist attitude to have. eBay users were perfectly happy to have their payment information stored by PayPal and let’s not forget that PayPal was owned by eBay for many years.

The big issue that early adopters of eBay Payments may face is the lack of PayPal. Regular eBay buyers are so accustomed to paying with PayPal on eBay that they may well regularly shop without having their bank card to hand so there is bound to be a certain amount of friction to sales where eBay payments is the only option.

eBay Payments beta features

As a reminder for those opting into the eBay Payments beta, the main things you need to know are:

  • eBay will consolidate payments and invoices into a single account
  • Payouts will be made daily to your bank account
  • eBay are exploring faster ways to get paid with partners
  • All fees will be on a single eBay invoice – this will include payment fees
  • Those who take part in the Beta will get special discounted pricing for early opt in
  • eBay will automatically update all existing listings to add eBay Payments as the default payment option

34 Responses

  1. Sellers will have to be careful they don’t still have a PayPal Working Capital balance to pay off when they switch.

  2. “We’re already hearing from eBay users who say they don’t want their payment credentials store by eBay as they don’t trust them but that’s a bit of an alarmist attitude to have”

    Did you not see the story about BA customers’ details being hacked, Chris?

    I wouldn’t recommend storing card details on any site, ever!

    Better to enter them each time than be hacked.

  3. Well we use Paypal working capital frequently- cheaper than our overdraft and very easy to apply for. Where will we stand?
    If Paypal are kicked from the ebay platform- will all those buyers apply for an Adyen account? Its a bit like those who disappear at checkout- I would think a sizeable chunk will just shrug their shoulders and disappear.
    Ebay are in real danger of hemorrhaging buyers at just the wrong time.

  4. I find PayPal customer services staff really helpful and professional. Ebay on the other hand, are rude, lack knowledge and appear just to want to rush you off the phone as quickly as possible. If the same staff were given payment queries for me it would be a big concern.

  5. eBay are just trying to get all the commission, they want their market place fee, payment fee and postal commission too.

    From what I am reading Alibaba are looking to move some of their operations to Europe. I would imagine that may have some impact on eBay and Amazon as far as Chinese sellers are concerned. Maybe that is why ebay are trying to get as much money out of each transaction they can if their seller numbers are predicted to fall.

  6. I am looking forward to this being implemented. PayPal have abused their size for a long time and eBay will be a lot better off being able to offer ways to pay without them. This is going to make a big difference for eBay being able to compete with Amazon. In 5 years time, I do not see a need for PayPal.

  7. Not offering Paypal straight away seems such an own goal. It is so ingrained in how people buy and sell on Ebay, the churn of customers could be more than Ebay are expecting.

  8. Hmmmm not offering PayPal is silly, changing merchants perceptions is one thing, but eBay has a very poor rep and customers like the PayPal safety net and changing their perceptions is a lot harder. We certainly would like all options.

    Did not think about the fact that PayPal proceeds would not hit our account, it is like that on other markets goes direct into the markets account. Effects cashflow a bit.

    Anyway by the time it all happens I doubt eBay will be much of a player anymore anyway.

  9. Has the processing fee cost been decided yet?

    Ayden currently charge €0.10 pert transaction v Paypal £0.20

    Ayden payment fee is shown as Interchange++ (average total 0.90% – 1.10%) so a lot lower than PayPal

  10. So we have no choice but to accept ebay deciding that payments will be made to us once a day… 2 points here.
    1, We prefer banking money once a week, it’s just easier for us when it comes to dealing with out banking, rather than a constant stream of transactions going into our bank. Not a huge issue in itself, but we get charged each time we make a deposit…. so i would rather have 1 a week than 7. Esp during quiet times when very little goes in each day.
    2, We always keep a certain amount of cash in our paypal acc’ to do things such as refund a customer etc. If we have no funds in it then often it delays the refund. So if ebay constantly empty our arden account then will it delay any refund that we may decide to give our of our own choice rather than an ebay forced one?

    On a slightly divergent note…. we use our paypal balance to fund other online purchases… it just keeps it simple, now that ebay will be interferring in our paypal account, this again just makes things more complex than they need to be.
    Why can’t ebay just add pp as a secondary payment system and leave our pp accounts alone. In fact, i would be interested in seeing the relevent piece of law that enables them to interfere with my paypal account? I bet they force you to set up a new one with special rules… so thats more paper work when it comes to dealing with accounting. Call me paraniod but i think this is mkore about ebay wanting to be able to keepa free hand at refunding every scammer there is without any issues just accessing your money!

    Too many questions and as normal, too few answers.

  11. PayPal is good but not for high volume sellers…..they had my account suspended for no just reason, I couldn’t continue selling on eBay because of it , so I need to start again …..does anybody know how to start using adyen

  12. Yes I agree with you David ,PayPal has treated sellers unfairly also, I just need to know how to start using adyen payment immediately

  13. For anyone looking for the actual sign up link visit

    Taken from…
    “Jet currently operates within the contiguous 48 United States and all Jet Retail Partners must have the legal and physical capability to fulfill orders in the United States. For this reason, all Jet Retail Partners must apply using a valid US Business Tax ID”

    “If your business is not headquartered in the United States, but you have both a fulfillment capability within the United States and a valid US Business Tax ID, you are welcome to apply to sell on Jet at this time. If you are unable to meet either of these requirements, we will unfortunately not be able to bring you onto the platform at this time.”

    However slight problem with the registration form… it requires a valid US ZIP Code. You cannot enter a UK postcode and the field is not optional.

    I would therefore suspect that you would be required to contact for information on how to actually get registered/beyond the sign up for if you are based outside the US.

  14. Not looking forward to this at all. I sell low volume, mainly secondhand items, and some buyers are idiots, pure and simply. I have proved this to fleabay many a time, but they NEVER respond. I had someone post me negative feedback 1 hour after they won the auction. I couldn’t of got it to them if I had a helicopter. Did fleabay help me? NO. I have plenty more examples. But until they have a competition, I’m stuck with them.

  15. I shut my shop yesterday. I have 30days more of putting up with all this hassel, then all the listings finish
    After over 10 years selling the relief if amazing. I didn’t realise how much of my time ebay had taken over my life, not to mention the stress

    This was one step too far and the finial straw

    Ps I dread to think what they’ll come up with next!!!
    Just think I won’t have to ever open up another seller release, with bated breath, ever again


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