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Chavi Rastogi Wonder ListerThe one thing that every eBay seller wants is to get their products listed on the site with the minimum of effort and for many years that meant using eBay TurboLister. When TurboLister was retired, users were forced to look to other tools which for many meant the eBay Seller Hub, but that’s not as convenient for the working habits of many users who appreciated a desktop tool. Enter Wonder Lister, a desktop tool designed for you.

Wonder Lister works at desktop speeds with no more concerns over how slow your Internet connection is. You can create listings and save them on your desktop and upload them to eBay when you’re ready. Crucially, TurboLister started to run slowly if you had thousands of listings but Wonder Lister keeps on going. If you loved TurboLister then you’ll love Wonder Lister. We spoke to Wonder Lister founder, Chavi Rastogi, to find out more:

Who are Wonder Lister?

Before founding Wonder Lister, I worked for eBay for over 10 years working primarily in the Seller Tools group working and managing various seller tools product lineses like , Selling Manager (SM), Selling Manager Pro (SMP), Prostores, Turbolister (TL), Blackthorne (BT) and many others. I was also in direct contact with customers as and when they needed some help or support.

While working directly with very large customers, I came to know of the various issues they were facing with the available eBay and third party tools available at that time. Some of the primary issues were poor performance of the available applications, poorly implemented bulk-editing features, lack of many important features like Custom Fields, Consignor Sales, Profit & Loss Tracking, and the ability to sell on multiple ecommerce platforms easily.

I decided to quit eBay and start on my own to build an application that would provide for a unified product database where sellers can enter their inventory once and be able to sell on multiple ecommerce platforms like eBay, Amazon, Shopify and others with as little effort as possible. So that the application has a decent performance, it was built as a desktop application. Wonder Lister has now been established for over 5 years and is a very mature application.

I remember eBay TurboLister – will I like Wonder Lister

“Yes!” is the simple answer, while Wonder Lister has everything TurboLister had, Wonder Lister has much more to offer.

If you liked TurboLister then Wonder Lister will look and feel very familiar to you so keep reading…

Wonder Lister Manage Listings (002)

What does Wonder Lister do?

Wonder Lister is a windows application which is installed on user’s computer and thus runs locally on user’s computer. Based on Microsoft SQL server which is also automatically installed on local PC during WL installation, it gives great performance

Single Page Listing Editor

Wonder Lister Manage Listings (002) Listing Editor - Product Details (002)

  • Create, edit, relist & duplicate listings with ease
  • HTML Description Builder – No need to know HTML
  • Description Templates – with your own tags
  • eBay Business Policies – Payments, Shipping & Returns
  • Best Offers – With auto accept and auto decline limits
  • eBay Catalogs
  • User defined (or Custom) fields
  • eBay defined & Custom Item Specifics
  • Variations
  • Vehicle parts compatibilities (or Fitments) including support for K-Types (eBay Germany)
  • Built-in Scheduler – easily schedule to auto list & relist (single or in bulk) saving you money


  • Customize and Print Invoices
  • Sales Report – With Profit & Loss
  • Consignor Payout
  • Pick List

Automation Rules

  • List / Relist based on rules you create
  • Leave feedback for your buyers


  • Unlimited number of eBay User IDs
  • Unlimited number of your staff members connect to a common database
  • List on all eBay sites (total 22) including eBay US, UK, CA, Australia, Germany, Hongkong, Singapore, India and others
  • Supports English language for User Interface

Automatic Database Backups

  • When something goes wrong and it always does, this could save you innumerable sleepless nights!
  • You decide how frequently you want your backups to be done

Social Networks

  • Integrated with Twitter

Bulk Features

Wonder Lister Bulk Edit

  • Bulk Duplicate – Duplicate a listing “x” number of times, edit with ease, save/send to eBay
  • Bulk Lister – Based on each products’ latest listing, list multiple products simultaneously
  • Bulk Relist – Pre-defined filter displays listings eligible for ‘Relist fee credit’, which can be relisted all at once
  • Bulk Edit – Edit several fields of multiple listings simultaneously
  • Bulk Change Item Specifics
  • Bulk Change using Search & Replace

Order Management

  • Pick List
  • Combine sales from the same buyer
  • Track shipments
  • Customize and Print Invoices

Consignor Selling

  • Define any number of Consignors
  • Define unlimited Consignor Payout Policies even for a single consignor
  • Automatic calculation of commission based on policies you set per listing
  • Bulk assign consignors and payout policies to your listings or sales
  • Print Consignor Payout Report


  • Import inventory items & Listings using a CSV file including the CSV file exported by TurboLister without any change to the TL exported CSV


  • Customizable data export suitable for import into any eCommerce site – Amazon, Magento, Shopify, your own website, others

Customize User Interface

  • Create your own custom Grid Views
  • Simplify Listing Editor by removing options you never use

User Defined Folders

  • Rule based folders – eBay Listings and/or Sales appear in a folder based on the pre-defined rule
  • User managed – You decide which of your eBay Listings and/or Sales to put in a folder

What makes Wonderlister unique compared with competitor tools

Most eBay tools are all in the cloud while Wonder Lister is a desktop application, thus performance is built-in by design. The solution is extremely feature rich with preference based customisation.

We know that from time to time marketplaces make changes so built in great Bulk editing features, You’ll also find user defined folders to organize your product listings the way you want and we offer multiple channels of support and are available to everyone for free. If needed we also provide support via Remote Support Session where our Engineer can (with user’s permission) connect to user’s computer and get to see the issues first hand and provide solutions instantaneously most of the time.

How does multi-platform support work with Wonder Lister?

Wonder Lister started life as eBay listing tool but now also supports direct listing to Shopify – click one button to list on Shopify. To support other platforms (Amazon, Magento, Shopify, your own website, others) there is a CSV export / import facility.

What does the future hold for Wonder Lister?

We’ve got exciting plans for the future of Wonder Lister, such as automatic translation of listings from one language to another when listing a product on multiple sites (countries). We will also continue to integrate directly with other ecommerce platforms using Wonder Lister’s user interface

As the internet adoption increases year over year and internet speeds continue to grow by leaps and bound, we will be bringing in a cloud based version. This will help all MAC users and enterprise sellers who have employees working remotely.

How do I get started with Wonderlister

A 15 days Free trial is included with every Pricing Plan. We also offer various Pricing Plans starting from as low as US $5 per month

Signup now at

9 Responses

  1. Home page is a none secure page too (not https) ? , broken links and out of date pages, doesn’t fill me with much confidence.

  2. Will,

    The secure protocol is automatically used during account registration and login. Home page and other non-user specific pages are for displaying generic information, nothing user specific.

  3. thinking of signing up – as has the ability to back up your ebay listings, with pictures intact – just like turbolister did –

    at the moment we are at the whim of ebay and could lose 15 years work in the blink of an eye for whatever reason they deem

    any reviews out there ?


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