Shopify has revamped its app store for merchants

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Ecommerce platform provider Shopify has made a major update to its app store to help merchants using the service. The aim is to get more sales and greater profits by getting the plug-ins you need more easily. Are you a Shopify user and have you used the service yet? Let us know your experiences.

To assist with discovery and decision making, Shopify has updated app classifications to be more specific to the commerce challenge the app addresses, and restructured the app listing page to clearly communicate exactly what merchants need to know. With this new, conversion optimized layout, merchants will be able to discover apps faster, quickly understand an app’s value, and make a decision to install. While merchants enjoy a better app discovery and greater personalisation, Shopify developers will benefit by getting more highly qualified leads to their app listings.

The new Shopify App Store was built to create powerful, personalized recommendations that map apps to the business goals a merchant has at any given moment. This means that if a merchant is focused on their first sale, the top app recommendations will be apps that help them reach new potential customers. If they have a ton of orders to fulfill, we’ll recommend apps that streamline their fulfillment. By prioritizing discovery, we’re evolving the app store from a place a merchant goes to fix their problems, to a place they go to drive their business forward.
– Attlee Clark, Director of App and Partner Platform, Shopify.

The company adds that apps play an integral role in a merchant’s ecommerce journey and success. They report that more than 85% of surveyed merchants say they rely on apps to run their businesses. Shopify says that is why it has invested in redesigning the App Store to match the complexities of running an ecommerce business in 2018 and beyond.

2 Responses

  1. tried it, hate it.

    usually have nothing but love for shopify and all they do, but this is some new-age hippy idea of an app store.

    I Know, I Know, everything has to be “visual search” these days apparently. But how is it productive to hand over MORE space to an app icon, than the app description?
    the icon means absolutely nothing on 90% of apps. it’s not like a product photo that actually informs you, no, “S-labs have decided to have a big S as their logo” tells me nothing, and that’s all the logo’s do. and that’s most of the new app store layout.
    – when you install an app on your phone and see that icon every day, useful, in the actual app store, where you choose new programs for your website (not really apps, and not on your phone being used daily) the icons are largely a waste of time and space, but that’s what’s got all the focus for some reason.

    the scaling of everything else just seems off. like when you’re used to reading normal people books, and pick up a large-print kids book. is it for the hard of thinking?
    it really doesn’t have to be this “Friendly”, i don’t want a hug from my app store, it’s actually rather creepy in this context.

    BIG ICONS, BIG TEXT, small text, HUGE TEXT, tiny text, HUGER STILL TEXT.
    ffs reign in your fonts a bit. there’s really no need to have text at 10x the size of the normal font. reminds me of the early days of ebay when you had multi-coloured bold headline and “L@@K! Bargainz! Buy Me NOOOOOOoooowwwww!” as a title.

  2. If they truly embraced the partner ecosystem they would discontinue the ‘tariff’ they put on their merchants who chose another payment option besides “Shopify Payments”. Let the merchants decide the best payment solution for them without being penalized a ridiculous tariff to keep them shackled. If the merchant decides that Shopify Payments is best for them – so be it. Else, if a merchant sees a better fit to support their business – let them have that choice without any penalties!


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