TikTok App for Shopify onboarding guide

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TikTok Shop expands Shopify integration in the UK

The TikTok App for Shopify makes it easy to get your business in front of billions of highly engaged consumers. With the TikTok App, you can effortlessly create your first ad-campaign, sync your product catalog, and sell directly through in-feed videos, LIVEs, and the Store Page, but how do you get started?

Why engage new customers with TikTok Shop?

  • Massive audience
    • 1b+ global active users
  • Motivated to buy
    • TikTok users are 1.5x more likely to immediately go out and buy something they discovered on TikTok compared to other platforms
    • TikTok users are 1.5x more likely to convince a friend or family member to buy a product they’ve seen on TikTok

What makes the TikTok App for Shopify brilliant for merchants!

With the TikTok App for Shopify you can seamlessly connect Shopify to TikTok Shop and tap into TikTok’s community of over 1 billion active users. You’ll gain access to TikTok Shop’s full range of capabilities including:

  • Creating ad campaigns
  • Synchronizing product catalogues
  • Selling products through in-feed videos
  • LIVE broadcasts

If you want to scale and connect through engaging shoppable content, the TikTok App for Shopify will unlock the door and best of all it’s totally free to download and use!

TikTok App for Shopify set up steps

Well first you need to get the TikTok App for Shopify. Then there are three steps to follow:

  1. Sync and start selling. Sync your products to TikTok, then create engaging shopping experiences where customers can discover your products and buy in just a few clicks.
  2. Engage with new communities. Connect with new customers through organic product discovery and drive sales with exciting features such as: LIVEs, etc…
  3. Manage from Shopify. Promote and sell your products on TikTok while managing your inventory, orders, and more directly in your Shopify admin.

Getting Started with the TikTok App for Shopify

Once you have the TikTok App for Shopify, it’s time to select ‘Set up now’ on the TikTok Shop product card to start onboarding. You’ll be able to create a TikTok Shop account or login with an existing account. Accept the Data Sharing Terms and enter your seller information when prompted and your warehouse information will be synced automatically once you complete the business verification step

Your product catalogue will be synced from Shopify to TikTok automatically after you select ‘Finish Setup’.

Onboarding Missions

Finish off the remaining steps, and start selling on TikTok, by completing ‘Missions’ in Seller Center. You can access Missions by selecting ‘Continue setup’. Existing sellers may have already completed some or all steps. The Missions are:

  1. Tax Form: Enter the tax information for your business.
  2. Warehouse & Return Address: This step will auto-complete when your warehouse information syncs from Shopify. If your warehouse and return address need updating, you should update your ‘locations’ in Shopify directly. The default location in Shopify will be used as your return address in TikTok Shop. Whenever the default location is updated in Shopify, it auto update the return address in TikTok Shop accordingly.
  3. Shipping Service: As a new TikTok Seller you are defaulted to ‘TikTok Shipping’. If you are an existing TikTok Shop seller, they will keep your existing shipping service selection (‘TikTok Shipping’ or ‘Ship by seller’). You can update to your preferred shipping service if needed. If you select ‘Ship by seller,’ you are required to add at least one shipping template that includes the shipping rate.
  4. TikTok Account: Connect your TikTok Account to your TikTok Shop to showcase your products, add shoppable videos, host live streams, and start selling on TikTok. You can use an existing TikTok account or create a new one one.

Once the status bar says ‘ready’ your TikTok Shop account is approved and you can accept orders on TikTok. Below is a summary of how you will manage your business with the TikTok App for Shopify:

Managing your TikTok App for Shopify

TaskTikTok Shop Seller CenterTikTok Shop Seller CenterTikTok x Shopify App
Onboard to TikTok Shop & Connect to TikTok Shopify app
Complete Tasks to Start Selling (Tax information, TikTok account linking)
Set ‘Fulfilled by TikTok’ or ‘Fulfilled by Seller’ and add Shipping Price Logic
Update Product Pricing
Update Catalogue & Inventory
Manage Orders (Fulfill & Cancel)
Create Shipping Label✔ (TikTok Shipping)✔ (Shipped by seller)
Manage Returns (& Refunds)
Manage Creator Affiliate Campaigns
Manage TikTok-Specific Promotions
Manage Bank Accounts, Invoices & Data Analytics


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