Top 3 Australian Marketplaces Ranked by Traffic

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eBay have for many years had the marketplace business sewn up in Australia with little to no competition. Some Australians would buy from (briefly stopped in July 2018 and reinstated in November). There was also an alternative daily deals site – Catch [of the day] and Catch has now morphed into a marketplace and Amazon fully launched down under. Today we take a look at the Australian Marketplaces Ranked by traffic.

There’s a lot of hype in the news about Amazon in Australia and how fast they are growing, and they are having already overtaken Catch to be the number two spot. eBay however is still streets ahead as Australia’s favourite marketplace and, in terms of traffic measured in total number of visits per month, in a totally different league to the two new pretenders.

Australian Marketplaces Ranked by Traffic

We sourced data from SimilarWeb to compare the top 3 Australian marketplaces ranked by traffic:


  • Total visits: 76.41m
  • Average visit duration: 9m 27s
  • Pages per visit: 9.27

eBay rules the roost in Australia claiming some 21 million visitors a week. You might be forgiven for thinking that that is practically everyone in Australia and you’d be correct, plus a few million probably from neighbouring countries that also choose to buy on eBay Australia attracts more visitors than the next seven largest Australian ecommerce sites combined.

eBay has firmly established itself as the go to Australian marketplace with perhaps the biggest market penetration for eBay anywhere in the world. One of the attractions for Aussie buyers is the ability to buy cross border quickly and easily as it’s a country where typically domestic choice is restricted.


  • Total visits: 16.34m
  • Average visit duration: 7m 50s
  • Pages per visit: 7.50

Amazon Australia launched late last year and initially attracted critical press reviews based on buyers eyeing up other Amazon country sites and expecting rock bottom prices and next day, if not same day, delivery. Buyers were somewhat disillusioned to discover prices that weren’t significantly lower than other Australian ecommerce sites and delivery was a couple of days rather than next day.

As Amazon inevitably scales and build more FBA warehouses delivery times will get faster and as they attract more merchants to sell on the platform prices will fall and more customers will be attracted. In just a year they’ve firmly established themselves as the second most popular Australian marketplace.


  • Total visits: 5.89m
  • Average visit duration: 6m 29s
  • Pages per visit: 9.34

Catch boast some 1.2 million products from over 1,000 domestic and International sellers. Cpming third in the Australian marketplace ranked by traffic, they’re relatively small compared to eBay but still an interesting proposition.

Catch is all about clearance deals and excitement – almost impulse purchases. If you have inventory that could fit these requirements then Catch is worth consideration.

One Response

  1. Quite surprising…. I would have thought that Amazon would show a much more rapid growth.

    There’s almost no growth at all, as the increase in October & November is attributed to the natural growth of the Q4 traffic.

    That’s if we can believe these numbers in first place…. as I can’t see, judging from this graph, how did they get to 12 or 13 million in the first 6 months?


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