7 eBay TurboLister alternatives to consider

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With the final demise of TurboLister just a few weeks away, sellers will be forced to look for alternatives. There are many multichannel solutions available which offer many more features than TurboLister, but for those used to a comprehensive but free eBay supported listing tool there aren’t many TurboLister alternatives. It is likely to be the smaller eBay professional sellers who are most impacted.

TurboLister Alternatives

There are a handful of tools you might which to consider as TurboLister alternatives.

eBay Seller Hub

Whilst eBay Seller Hub has the advantage of being free and fully supported by eBay, it’s not a direct TurboLister replacement. As an online tool, it will only remember your saved listings for a relatively short period of time unlike TurboLister where they could be stored forever. That said, if you’re just looking for a way to get your listings live then for smaller sellers it’s worth considering.

eBay File Exchange

eBay File Exchange is a free advanced spreadsheet based bulk listing tool that enabling sellers to load and manage their inventory on eBay easily and efficiently. It is an extremely convenient method for medium and high-volume sellers to upload and manage their eBay inventories in bulk, however the File Exchange format demands a fairly complex record and file format so won’t be suited to the casual seller used to the friendly TurboLister front end.


Ad-Lister has a one click eBay import to grab your current listings and get you started and, for those who still want them, a built in template creator. They have bulk upload to eBay capability and has data feed and CSV support for those who want to list large quantities of products quickly and easily.


CrazyLister was designed to be a super easy Drag&Drop editor for eBay sellers. It allows any seller with zero coding skills to create professional, 100% customizable listings which are compliant with eBay’s ban of active content. Making a change to a listing takes only minutes or seconds, compared to hours of coding. A neat features is the automatic background removal for images.


SixBit, like TurboLister, is a desktop applications so will store your listings and templates indefinitely. The other advantage is if you have slow internet there’s no delays – work at desktop speed and then upload your listings when you’re done editing. You can also import your TurboLister templates into SixBit.


WonderLister offers offline creation of listings in a Windows softare solution. You can import inventory items from TurboLister into Wonder Lister which an easy-to-use single page editor, allows bulk listing and editing, create folders to organize eBay listings data, automation rules to create eBay listings, computes profit & loss on eBay sales, supports consignment selling and consignor commission calculations.

Xpress Lister

Xpress Lister is a spreadsheet based listing creation tool and can be used offline and then uploaded when you’re back online. The big downside is that XpressLister doesn’t support the auction format. Xpress Lister can import .csv, .xls/.xlsx, custom spreadsheet formats, multi-variant listings and Item Specifics and can create new listings with as few as just 7 fields on the spreadsheet.

11/4/19 Edited to add:

Spark Lister from Bonanza

There’s a brand new FREE eBay TurboLister replacement called Spark Lister from Bonanza. Being a marketplace themselves, as you would expect Spark Lister can list on Bonanza as well as on eBay, but you can choose either or both marketplaces to list on. If you only want to use it for eBay then it’s still free. Released in April 2019 in Beta, you can download the Spark Lister eBay TurboLister replacement here.

6 Responses

  1. All of these so called “solutions” are expensive for what you get and restrictive in some way or another and seem to have been built on the back of the demise of Turbo Lister.

    The most efficient system is by far eBay File Exchange but spreadsheets aren’t necessarily HTML friendly. So, we use a tool called TemplateTool which makes our eBay templates and then we just export the listings from there in File Exchange format.

  2. Would recommend Sixbit, as it allows you to almost recreate the Turbo Lister template. Still can’t understand why Ebay withdrew TL – they’re totally out of touch with sellers.

    Sixbit pricing is reasonable – certainly a fraction of the cost of Ad Lister, which looks extortionate.

    If you have non-catalogue items in particular (are you listening, Wenig?) then Sixbit will enable you to list offline and schedule without paying any Greedbay scheduling fees.

  3. I use Auctiva, find it great to use – templates kept- can schedule listings to upload when i want, simples

  4. Used to use Auctiva and switched to Turbolister when our account on Auctiva was hacked and we were suddenly finding strange listings for other items on our eBay store.

  5. There is a work-around for Turbo Lister as far as I can see… first, make sure the program isn’t trying to connect to eBay for updates etc… then use in the normal way but when you come to finalise your listings export in a File Exchange format and then use eBay file exchange to load your listings. So unless eBay have built-in some sort of self-destruct code into TL, this should keep working. Its not a perfect solution, but it is free and means you get to save years of templates (in my case about ten years)

  6. I recommend and use: WP-Lister Pro for eBay by wplab.com $149 per year. Discounts for renewals.

    You also need a wordpress website with woocommerce installed, but then you have your own eCommerce site.

    A very easy to use listing software and a one off payment, update or change all your listing templates in one easy go. It downloads all your order data and adds them as customers to your own shop.

    They also have an import tool to get you started but that is $99, but will import all your listings



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