eBay UpFront gets execs out into the community

eBay UpFront is eBay’s new localised approach to connecting with sellers by meeting them in their local communities. The aim is to help them network, learn and grow their eBay businesses.

“At eBay, we understand how challenging it can be to start and run a small business. That’s why we’ve decided to meet our newest sellers where they are, where they run their businesses, and in their local communities to equip them with the insights and guidance they need to flourish and grow on our marketplace.”
– Jay Hanson, VP & COO of Americas, eBay

eBay say that their new and localized approach to empowering their seller community, eBay UpFront puts a seller’s business front-and-center—and not just for the evening. How? By showing up in their hometown because it’s not only where they do business, but it’s also where they raise families, contribute to their community and make connections. Their businesses come first and eBay is coming to them because their success is our success.

eBay UpFront not only gives new sellers the chance to get up-to-date insights from eBay executives, employees and thought leaders, but offers them an opportunity to get to know other eBay community members in their own backyard. eBay UpFront offers them the chance to network, learn, and grow—all in their hometown.

First stop was Miami where they meet with an existing eBay Meetup group, with further events scheduled for New York, Kansas City, Detroit, Deltona and then back to New York.

The in-person meetings are organized and run by eBay sellers who live in the location or are trade-shows or events with eBay staff attending. Don’t expect eBay just to show up, they need to know that there’s going to be a group of sellers waiting for them at the event, so if you organise a meetup up shout out to eBay and invite them along.

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I got to this bit and had to stop.... “At eBay, we understand how challenging it can be..." Well there is lie of the year for a start. In fact it is not justa lie, it is the root of most of the issues!

Toby • 12th April 2019 •