Hermes Courier Price Rises for 1st April 2019

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There has been a change to Hemess Courier pricing and weight bands overnight. From midnight on the 1st of April, Hermes Courier rates will increase as per the table below but there are also some weight band changes worth noting.

New ‘Postable’ Hermes Courier rate

There’s a new Hermes Courier ‘Postable’ weight band for items under 1KG and you’ll want to take advantage of this if your items are suitable. Items will need to be no more than 23cm wide, 35cm long and 3cm deep. Strangely there’a also a minimum depth of 1cm ,so make sure your parcels are fat enough – we don’t know the reason for this but are guessing it’s to ensure envelopes aren’t sent and get snagged up in automated sorting equipment at depots.

The obvious attraction of ‘Postable’ items is that they fit through a letterbox and so 1st time delivery success is virtually guaranteed.

The rate for this new service, only available for drop off at ParcelShops is £2.26. That’s 53p cheaper than the old 1kg Hermes Courier rate.

Rate Increases and removal of 2-5kg Band

The bad news is that all other rates have risen bar two – one of which stayed the same and the second which dropped by a penny.

The Hermes Courier bands for 2-5kg and 5-10kg have now been rolled into a single 2-10kg weight band. This won’t impact shippers as previous the prices for both bands were the same anyway and this is the weight band where the price has been held if you drop off at a ParcelShop, although there’s a small increase for courier collections.

Hermes Courier Prices – 1st April 2019

ParcelShop (Inc. VAT)

Courier (Inc. VAT)



New from 1st April


New from 1st April

Postable (under 1kg) N/A £2.26 N/A N/A
0 – 1kg £2.79 £2.85 £3.29 £3.45
1 – 2kg £3.99 £4.05 £4.49 £4.65
2 – 10kg £6.49 £6.49 £6.99 £7.09
10 – 15kg £8.99 £8.98 £9.49 £9.58

31 Responses

  1. They pay 30p to couriers for the NEW postable parcel.
    I’m asking for a pay rise, lol

  2. Thanks for showing those prices i feel much better about mine with RM now.
    £2.26 up to 1kg or £2.54 up to 2kg and collected from our premises on 48 hour.

    I knew there was a reason other than just the poor service why we dropped Hermes.

  3. I always use Hermes. Its a brilliant service, in four years I have only ever had one problem with a broken item and they paid for it without any problem. I will continue to use them.

  4. A snag I’ve noticed with Hermes’ new postable package is that the maximum width is 23 cm. Royal mail accept up to 25 cm which obviously is designed to fit through a standard mailbox. I have measured the max large letter size box available from eBay packaging and they are 24 cm wide so using these boxes will actually result in a oversize charge from Hermes. I have contacted them about this and I’m awaiting a reply. Another thing I noticed with the postable service is that there is no compensation available, so one of the main advantages of Hermes over Royal Mail is missing with the service. Have you ever tried getting compensation out of Royal Mail?

  5. Our Hermes business rate is £2.10 for upto 2KG and only £2.65 for 2-5KG, collection 5 days a week. Breakages we get a couple a month and Hermes always pay out quickly and they pay the RRP+postage paid, not the cost price.
    Yes you pay for what you get and Royal Mail are better at it, but when Royal Mail get it wrong you are on your own, never had a lost or damaged item paid out by RM.
    Changing to Hermes will save us over £10K this year this far out ways any loss or damaged items we may have.

  6. Has anyone been able to actually use the new “postable” lower rate yet? I’ve shipped quite a few orders via import from eBay and Amazon and the new rate isn’t there in the drop down menu. The prices have changed and the new 2-10 kg is selectable but no sign of the new rate.

  7. Hi Julia no we pay nothing for the service as long as you send an certain number of tracked items 23 tracked items per day it equates to for a 5 day week. Then its totally free.

  8. Has anyone been offered the New Hermes next day service which also started 1st April, had an email about it, just waiting for my account manager to come back to me with a price.

  9. it’s a rip off nothing is been passed down to the couriers in fact my Hermes are expecting couriers to deliver a customer to customer parcels that fit through letter boxes for 30p from the 1st Of April.
    It’s all wrong they expect couriers to deliver big boxes and say it’s a parcel for 65p I had a child seat for a car and it was down as a packet now where size a child seat a packet

  10. Hermes parcel shop prices for drop off were £2.95 up to 5kg and now its £6.49 its ridiculous and more than double what i was paying last week!! This is a real killer blow for small businesses like mine who do not yet have enough parcels going out to get a courier collection contract …

  11. Yes I have to agree I’m a courier for Hermes and they rip all couriers of between paying for packets instead of parcels at a cheaper rate which we have to upgrade every day also not paying us for all delivers/collections have not been given a rise in rate in over 5 year’s instead they took 5p of all parcels/packets what about inflation cost of living . Last year Hermes made £560 million in profit. Hermes if you weren’t cheating us u would have a better service

  12. I send 5 parcels a day using the parcel shop printout machine. My 3kg parcels have now doubled from £2.95 to £6.49!!!
    This will affect my business massively.
    Not a happy customer….

  13. Yes -The £2,95 was for up to 5kg when booking the parcel in selected parcel shops that have
    a machine,all good things come to an end I guess.

  14. I send 5-7 parcels a week with Hermes. Most are 3-5 kgs which cost £2.95 at the parcel shop. They have now gone up to £6.49 which I feel is disgusting ,will now try another company nearby
    In post or collect plus are sometimes cheaper than Hermes

  15. It sounds like most people have been getting a promotion rate when booking parcels at a parcelshop as I have not seen those prices anywhere for 2 – 5kg. MyHermes would have it on the website if that is the normal price.

  16. Disgusting price rise in the 1-2 kg band…shocking, I will be using Royal Mail now for this bracket of my main use, Hermes you are going to lose your Ebay sellers in this bracket..what are you thinking??

  17. How long before Yo hell release a statement or try to capitalise despite their poor service and fake promises?

  18. From £2.95 to 6.49…..more than double. Time to use someone else. All my eBay parcels have gone this way. Upto 5 kg. eBay customers will suffer as well now. Does anyone know of some other courier service I could use from now on?


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