Magento Amazon Sales Channel extension released

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At the Magento Imagine conference, Adobe announced two new services to assist online merchants extend their reach. The Magento Amazon Sales Channel extension and the Magento Google Shopping ads Channel (read more here). Adobe say that these integrated capabilities empower small and mid-market businesses to better orchestrate the end-to-end experiences they deliver to customers across channels.

Magento Amazon Sales Channel

The Magento Amazon Sales Channel effectively removes these barriers to entry for merchants trying to gain a foothold on Amazon by allowing them to quickly integrate their catalogue, establish a bi-directional data flow and start managing listings from their Magento admin. By seamlessly integrating their Magento store with multiple Amazon accounts and regions, merchants can make their Magento Admin the central hub for all their critical Amazon marketplace activities, thereby reducing data silos, removing operational friction, and eliminating additional integration costs.

What’s more the Magento Amazon Sales Channel is a native function within Magento and is available free of charge. This was originally announced in February but is now generally available for all merchants.

Magento Amazon Sales Channel key features

  • Leverage Amazon’s Vast Product Data

    Amazon listings are one of the largest data sets of product information. You can leverage this by syncing that Amazon information backwards into your Magento catalog. For example, if you sell a video game console but your Magento catalog listing doesn’t have the release date, Amazon Sales Channel will take that data from the Amazon page and add it to your Magento catalog.

  • Intelligent Pricing and Pricing Rules

    With Amazon Sales Channel, you can use automated pricing rules to increase your chances of making a sale. Prices can be set dynamically to adjust to the current Amazon Buy Box price or the lowest competitor pricing, without sacrificing margin. You can also easily set rules to adjust the Amazon listing price relative to your Magento catalog price. Lastly, you can support multiple currencies with the currency conversion tool.

  • Listing Management

    You can automate product listings and easily sync your catalog to the Amazon Marketplace using listing rules, all directly from the Magento admin dashboard.

  • Inventory Management

    Your inventory levels stay in constant synchronization with Amazon for an accurate accounting, even when inventory is updated directly to your database.

  • Multiple Amazon Accounts

    You can easily manage multiple Amazon brands and marketplace regions from one centralized dashboard.

  • Fulfillment and Order Management

    Experience the flexibility of listing your products as merchant fulfilled, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or a mix of fulfillment methods. Track and manage your Amazon orders directly from the order grid in the Magento admin. Rest easy knowing that order status customer communications are being handled seamlessly.

  • B2B Pricing and Quantity Discounts

    You can utilize the B2B pricing functionality to offer tiered pricing based on quantity purchased. Through this channel, you can easily sell to Amazon business customers.

Adobe say that while third-party connectors and other commerce platforms tout their ability to integrate with Amazon, none can offer the depth of bi-directional integration or breadth of functionalities and benefits that Magento does, including intelligent pricing, range of fulfilment options, automated product listing and more.

7 Responses

  1. Only for USA, Canada and Mexico marketplaces at the moment, no support for Amazon UK yet.

  2. Hello,

    I have two questions:

    1.) Can someone explain the ‘Leverage Amazon’s Vast Product Data’ more in-depthly? Does the Magento platform know when a UPC and/or model number matches a UPC and/or model number on If so, is Magento then scraping the detail page on to pull the data in for the matched products?…. OR, in the scenario provided, is Magento pulling in the “release date” from the NIS item set up form that the seller originally uploaded when creating the product offering?

    2.) Does the ‘Listing Management’ feature work for both Seller Central & Vendor Central?


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