Royal Mail 2nd daily delivery coming back… for parcels

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Royal Mail are introducing a 2nd daily delivery but only for parcels. Don’t get too excited though, it’s coming by 2023 so you’ll have to wait a couple of years. They also say a load of new features such as collecting returns from consumers at home, in-flight redirections for individual parcels are coming as part of a £1.8 billion investment programme.

Back in 2002, Royal Mail phased out their sweeper service to deliver items that should have gone out with that morning’s post, which was widely referred to as the 2nd daily delivery. This was in the days when you could expect your 1st delivery to arrive in time for breakfast but nowadays you’ll more likely not see your morning post until mid-morning or lunch time.

Royal Mail 2nd Daily Delivery designed for late night shoppers

The problem is that even with later delivery times around lunch time, Royal Mail still struggle to get parcels purchased late in the day to consumers by the following lunch time. By having an 2nd daily delivery for parcels these can be swept up and treated as a courier route without having to stop at each house with the odd letter and a deluge of junk mail. Customers will continue to receive a delivery of letters and all other parcels earlier in the day via Royal Mail’s network of Posties.

The 2nd daily delivery will largely consist of of Next Day parcels, typically purchased online from retailers the evening before. Delivery in less than 24 hours is in tune with the “night owl” shopping phenomenon. Smartphone night shopping has increased by 33% in just one year. Almost 80% of consumers value a retailer who offers late order acceptance and these parcels won’t make it to the local delivery office in time for the 1st daily delivery, which is why the 2nd daily delivery for parcels only is needed.

Your parcels could all arrive later

Royal Mail also say that the separate processing and delivery of Next Day and larger items will generate a reduction for Royal Mail in the cost of handling parcels, including small items. It will make it easier for postmen and women to deliver their usual round as heavy, bulky items will no longer be in their mailbag. You can read into this that some of your parcels will arrive later than they currently do – if they don’t easily fit in a mailbag they’ll be held for the 2nd daily delivery for parcels.

As part of the move to a second daily delivery, three new fully-automated parcel hubs will be built, representing a significant investment in the regions in which they are located. Royal Mail also say that this initiative will help fund the UK’s Universal Service.

eBayer collection service

In another plan element, Royal Mail say that they will collect returns from customers at their home, including both consumers making returns and small marketplace sellers fulfilling sales. Royal Mail will also offer a range of in-flight redirection options where consumers are not going to be at home when their parcel is scheduled to arrive.

How will Posties view working later hours?

Royal Mail say that they have had preliminary discussions with the CWU and are committed to working collaboratively on the strategy, detailed design and deployment, including a trial for separate van delivery. Many Posties already dislike the later working hours than they had in the past so it may be that Royal Mail recruit new staff for the 2nd daily delivery for parcels.

3 Responses

  1. So then….. they are skipping the fact they can’t get existing parcels etc to customers on time and going straight for a new market? Fab…. my customers who wait 3 to 5 days for RM48 deliveries will be pleased. In fact recently they have been thrilled with a huge upsurge in parcels taking 7 to 10 days to arrive… including our bonus of either refunding or resending as the likes of ebay give us no choice.
    I tell you… Rm are on to a winner here, now they can let down all levels fo delivery!
    …. oh look another bank holiday, that means that tuesdays deliveries will arrive around mid June if every other bank holiday is anything to go by.

  2. This already sort of happens where I am. The postman delivers any special deliveries first, then walks his round with letters and small (large letterish) packets that will fit in lettterboxes. Afterward he drives around and delivers all the larger parcels.


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