The 2019 Ecommerce Cup Teams

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42 five-a-side ecommerce football teams will have their new kit on order ready for the kickoff of the Ecommerce Cup in two week’s time. Today we can reveal the full line up of 2019 Ecommerce Cup Teams and you can start pick who you’re rooting for to win. If you’ve not entered yet then sorry it’s too late as the full league line of teams have been registered (If you desperately want to play then drop us a line and we’ll put you on a wait list just in case someone drops out).

The matches will kick off on the afternoon of Thursday the 13th of June and by around eight o’clock in the evening we’ll know who the champions for 2019 are.

It’s a wide open field this year as, due to old age catching up with players after seven years of entering an Ecommerce Cup team, many of the previous winners aren’t playing in the 2019 Ecommerce Cup Teams. There are also a slew of brand new teams and having not seen their form before we’ll be watching with interest to see how they perform.

No fewer than five ecommerce companies have entered two teams a piece in 2019 – a new record – so a special shout out to the twofers… ChannelAdvisor, Just Eat, Linnworks, PayPal and Trustpilot.

2019 Ecommerce Cup Teams

We’re leaving the professionals at PlayFootball, the home of the Ecommerce Cup, to sort out the group stage draw. They will be organising the event as well as supplying professional refs to keep the on pitch action moving. In the mean time here are the 2019 Ecommerce Cup Teams in alphabetical order:

2019 Ecommerce Cup Teams

Bounce Exchange
ChannelAdvisor 1
ChannelAdvisor 2
Content Square
InternetRetailing Media
Just Eat 1
Just Eat 2
Linnworks 1
Linnworks 2
Oliver Bonas
Paypal 1
Paypal 2
Poq Commerce
Pregis EU
Skynet Worldwide
The Post Office
Trustpilot 1
Trustpilot 2
Wrap Distribution

Tamebay, InternetRetailing and eDelivery staff will of course be attending to host the teams and taking pictures on the day. If you’re a team captain, please make sure you come and find us in between matches to get your team photo taken for publication on Tamebay after the event.

9 Responses

  1. Great to see this prestigious Cup competition back again this year. The anticipation this year has to be through the roof as it sees the return of the prodigal hero, Russell Masterton from Ingenico. Admittedly his team didn’t win last year but we all know that was down to the officiating on the day. I spoke with Masterton recently and he said his whole year has been dedicated to righting that wrong from last year.

    There is even a rumour that Ingenico has hired Paul Ince as Digital Payment Account Manager solely for the fact to support Masterton in his bid for eCommerce glory.

    Can anyone stop Masterton? I doubt it.

  2. I attended this event last year as a spectator and haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

    He was a diminutive player. Cant have been taller than 5 foot 11 inches. But he played like a giant. Quicker feet coupled with an even quicker mind. This guy could Riverdance whilst completing a Sudoku. He’s that good.

    Think his name was Rusty Masterton. Although that’s not a very Korean name and he looked extremely Korean.


    Russell ‘El Diego’ Masterton is ruled out of Ingenico squad due to a family holiday to Burundi that he simply couldn’t get out of.

    This gives an opportunity to the untested Eoghan Molloy. Once described as “high energy, low talent. Kind of like the footballing equivalent of Keith Lemon” – he has a point to make.

    Molloy will be keen to make an immediate impact with his unique style likely to bamboozle most opponents. Imagine a cross between Colin Hendry and David Copperfield…..if neither of them had a left foot.

    He’s not just here to make up the numbers. He’s sick of living in Mastertons’s shadow it’s time to step out into the sunshine – hope the Irishman’s packed the Factor 50 cause it sure gets hot out there.

  4. Just seen Guillem Balague’s comment and have to say I am absolutely devastated, do the organisers even want to continue without their poster boy, Masterton? Could they not postpone the whole thing for him? Surely the sponsors can’t be happy about this?

    Also, Eoghan Molloy has to be the worst replacement since Windows Vista replaced Windows XP! It is like taking a Ferrari engine out and replacing it with a lawnmower motor! No offence to the boy but he isn’t fit to lace his boots!

    I just checked Paddy Power and Ingenico have gone from 1/3 favourites to 40/1 outsiders.

    I was going to use some of my remaining annual leave to come and see the GOAT – Rusty Masterton but don’t think I will bother now.

    I can see Just East 2 winning the whole thing now and no one wants that!

  5. Absolutely gutted for the Ingenico team, what a loss for their chances. Russell ‘Bates’ Masterton was their only chance and that just left town. He is like a Scottish Gareth Bale.

    I heard he once got a trial with Man City as kid but turned it down to go fishing with his Grandad. Man City must be gutted, probably would have won them the UCL this year if they had him.

    I hear Klarna have a good team this year so they will probably replace Ingenico as hot favourites now.

  6. Princess Diana’s death.

    The September 11th attacks.

    Britain voting to leave the EU.

    Everyone remembers where they were when they heard about these world changing events.

    When I found out that Russell Masterton had withdrawn from Ingenicos squad for the upcoming Ecommerce cup I was sitting on my porcelain throne. My trousers were around my ankles. My phone in one hand, two sheets of quilted Andrex (peach in colour) were readied in the other. Then the message I’d feared arrived….

    I started to cry. I didn’t expect tears to flow but they did so – in considerable fashion. The profound affect that Masterton has had on me since first witnessing him play in last years tournament was brought to the fore. I didn’t realise how much he meant to me. In my eyes he IS the Ecommerce Cup.

    I pulled up my trousers and went about rebuilding my life. My world changed that day. And I doubt it’ll ever be the same.

  7. Hi guys Leo here,

    Have a great tournament and good luck to everyone involved!


    Leo x


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