PayPal Commerce Platform launch set to support sellers’ growth as ecommerce progresses

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PayPal today announced the launch of the PayPal Commerce Platform which is designed to meet the individual needs of marketplace merchants by offering them a set of services and tools.

PayPal say that there has been a significant change in ecommerce in recent years and several things are transforming the next phase of global trading:- The dominance of mobile; The increasing pace of non-cash transactions around the globe; Online and offline commerce converging where online actions lead to offline purchases and vice versa. Shopping on social platforms is becoming much more prevalent. Regulations like GDPR and open banking are shaping a new environment for everyone to navigate. With all this complexity – and opportunity – it is clear that powering global digital commerce is not something anyone company can do on its own.

With this in mind, the PayPal Commerce Platform aims to support sellers stay on top of the changing shape of online trading.

What does PayPal Commerce Platform offer?

Enables global growth

The service supports businesses to scale globally and connect with more than 277 million active PayPal users and to directly accept more than 100 currencies.

Simplifies compliance

PayPal say that this tool simplifies sellers’ compliance and help them meet the evolving demands of local regulators across the 200+ markets PayPal operate in.

Provides protection

It’s powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, with a set of advanced risk and fraud-preventative tools which are informed by trillions of transactions and more than 50 petabytes of data to protect sellers’ from online fraud.

Powers end-to-end payment offerings

The solution provides merchants with access to more payment services that benefit businesses, such as small business financing and the ability to offer access to consumer credit for purchases.

How to sign up?

The PayPal Commerce Platform is available in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United States. It will look to expand to more than 40 markets by the end of the year.

Marketplace merchants can fill in an online form here. After submiting the form, a PayPal Partner Expert may contact a seller to discuss their business needs.

PayPal say that platforms – including, BigCommerce, Facebook Marketplace, Grailed, Instagram, Lightspeed, PrestaShop, Shopware, and Yahoo! Small Business – will use the PayPal Commerce Platform.

One Response

  1. Support sellers’ growth?

    Why not just offer a working capital loan, pocket the £900 fee and then a few weeks later suspend the seller’s account but still demand the repayment of the ‘loan’ that they didn’t get a chance to use including the fat fee?

    And don’t bother to explain what obscure paypal regulation they were supposed to have broken. Leave them in the dark and just refuse their appeal.

    Oh, and as an extra boost to the seller’s business why not freeze their balance for 180 days so that can not gain access to their own money?

    Can’t happen to you? Check out on trustpilot. It happens to all sorts of people all of the time.

    Seller beware.


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