‘eBay Managed Payments are about passing value back to our sellers’: Keala Gaines of eBay

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eBay Managed Payments are about passing the value back to our sellers,” is how Keala Gaines of eBay described the rationale behind the introduction of the marketplace’s payments service.

Speaking at eBay Open 2019, Keala Gaines, senior director of payment services of eBay with two decades of experience in the payments field takes us back to the history of eBay payments.

It was before 2002 when eBay last looked at the payments when the marketplace and PayPal came together. Ecommerce worked pretty differently in 2002, most people were a bit leary of putting a card online. From a merchant perspective, it was very difficult to operate online. Mobile commerce didn’t exist.

Bridging the seamlessness gap

If you look at what we did around eBay and Pay Pal separation, we had an opportunity to independently and objectively in the modern ecommerce ask ourselves; what’s changed in payments, how do they operate on our platform? how should they operate? That’s what led us to enable a seamless experience for our sellers, which is not having to go to two places and manage reports, policies, data and customer service.

We’ve been taking two pictures of a transaction and tried to create a whole. Today, if somebody buys something on eBay we have a recording of a person committing to buying on the marketplace. Simply, now you don’t have to go to two places. However, previously whether or not they paid for that item we had to get data from somewhere else to create a complete picture.

’15 years overdue order ID introduction’

We’re hearing from sellers that the [eBay Managed Payments] seamless payment experience is great. We’re also hearing that we need to make the service a bit better and we’re reacting very quickly. An example would be when we initially launched we didn’t have an ability for sellers to initiate a refund, turns out a lot of that was happening on PayPal. Right now, on the Seller Hub, on the payment tab sellers can initiate a refund.

We also introduced a unique order ID that exists throughout the entire experience – this was 15 years overdue. Imagine if you had a multi-quantity listing that listing ID is the same for every single one of the purchases so if you have a buyer committing you won’t necessarily know which product they bought from that listing.

Are eBay cherry-picking sellers for eBay Managed Payments?

eBay have intentionally been selective in who’s going to get the invitation for managed payments. We’ve been looking at our seller data to choose interception points that align with eBay Managed Payments offering. For example, we don’t have global shipping support now and I see sellers that have sales in the global shipping programme those are not going to be the folks we’ll invite to participate this time. However, as soon as build this add-on, then we’ll re-scrub the data and open the participation board. It’s been like that across a number of features.

What can a seller expect once they sign up?

Once you sign up, a new tab appears on the Seller Hub and there is a new tab for payments. That has the bank account you getting money in, the ability to change your bank account, the status of orders coming in and orders queued for payout to a bank of your choice. Right now, if you have sales daily then you’re getting paid daily, there is about two to four-day window between an order coming in and eBay receiving the funds to initiate a payout. We’re currently working with payment providers to make this payment window consistent for all sellers.

10 Responses

  1. Right now, if you have sales daily then you’re getting paid daily, there is about two to four-day window between an order coming in and eBay receiving the funds to initiate a payout. ‘
    Did i just read that right? That with ebay m.p we will now be waiting 2 to 4 days for payment? So money goes instantly to ebays paypal account… then takes 2 to 4 days to go ot ours?!!!! How is that good?
    Also can we opt to no have payments sent to our banks every day. We currently adapt how often to how busy we are, just makes everything easier for us. Plus every time we transfer money to our bank we get a fee, so that could go from 4x a month to 31x a month. Again how is this good?
    I know that there are benefits to this new system… but im seeing less flexibility, and more costs right now and we have even seen the rates yet!

  2. I agree with everything Toby says !!
    Nightmare accounting task to monitor 31 payments a month across the 2 ebay stores that we have. Not to mention the fees.
    In previous discussion about this issue it was suggested having a separate “no fee” bank account to send ebay daily payments to. So far I’ve not able to find one as most bank accounts (current accounts) have a clause in their T&C stating that they must not be used for business purposes.

  3. The man is absolutely blind.
    If you wish to refund an item etc and go to

    Resolution centre then select “The buyer and i agree to cancel a transaction”
    you get all lovely pictures.
    Then you enter the item number in the search box and it offers you lots of the same item sold.

    Thats great and easy because the buyer “JOEBLOGGS ON EBAY” purchased it on the 10th of August and that’s the only one sold.

    But no hang on a minute on the 10th of August 15 buyers purchased that item and eBay just conveniently do not put the buyers id by the lovely little pictures.

    So is it a game of Russian roulette or “Eeny meany miny mo” as to which pretty picture you refund.

    I have an idea which may be a bit confusing or difficult to implement but will definitely solve it.


  4. 2 to 4 days for cleared payment,,,,,,, but most buyers want their items shipped as soon as they have hit the payment button. Do we wait for cleared payment? Or post in the hope that the payment doesn’t fail or the buyer doesn’t chargeback? All very dubious. And furthermore we withdraw from PayPal 4 times a month to reduce our business banking fees. If we are getting payments here there and everywhere it’s going to be a huge hike in these fees.
    Thanks but no thanks

  5. GAV – “I don’t get charged to receive electronic payments on my business bank accounts, so maybe you should be looking around if you are.”
    Who do you bank with?

  6. ‘eBay Managed Payments are about passing value back to our sellers’

    Better translated as “eBay Managed Payments are about passing even more money from your pockets into ours”.

    This isn’t going to be any sort of “deal” for anyone but eBay. The delay to get your money is for eBay to make interest on it for a couple business days. With the introduction of the per listing item fees, some sellers will already be paying more than PayPal. And 100% guaranteed, when everyone is in Managed Payments eBay will increase those fees and invent other fees to go with it. Everything eBay does is for their gain and their purpose, not yours. Whenever eBay says they’re doing something for a seller’s or buyer’s benefit, you know it’s a lie. That is fact.

  7. I’d like to hear from a few sellers who are already in managed payments. Do you sell multiple items to the same buyers order? (Paypal charges a single transaction (.35), no matter how many items in the order. Ebay will charge .25 for each items in the order.)


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