CWU Strike Ballot notice served on Royal Mail

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A CWU Strike Ballot notice has been served on Royal Mail. The CWU which the majority of postal workers in the UK are members of, will vote on whether to strike.

The CWU strike ballot papers will be distributed on the 24th of September with the result expected to be declared on the 15th of October. If posties vote to strike, the walkout take place within weeks and threatens to disrupt mail services in the run up to Black Friday and the critical selling season ffor retailers.

The problem, according to the CWU, is since Rico Back took control of the Royal Mail that ‘The Four Pillars’ agreement agreed in 2018 has virtually been ripped up. Senior management who agreed to The Four Pillars have largely been replaced and the dispute covers a proposed break-up of the company, threats to the Universal Service Agreement and the breach of the national agreements.

“This union and it’s membership are in the fight of our lives. We face an assault on our terms, conditions and national agreements like we have never seen before. I am confident our members will stand with the union and delivery a massive yes vote in what is the most important dispute the union has ever had.”
– Terry Pullinger, Deputy General Secretary, CWU

Royal Mail has responded saying that a ballot result for industrial action does not necessarily mean there will be industrial action as there will be a mediation period and the company will continue to engage in dispute resolution. It’s worth remembering that when the last CWU strike ballot resulted in strike action, Royal Mail went to the High Court and won an injunction to delay the strikes from taking place.

Royal Mail will be asking posties to vote ‘no’ in the CWU strike ballot, but being realistic that’s not likely to happen. They say that industrial action – or the threat of it – undermines the trust of Royal Mail customers which makes it harder for Royal Mail to pay for the existing terms and conditions for workers. They are dead right here, with the launch this week of Shipping with Amazon there has never been so much choice in the delivery market. In past years Hermes have been winners and online sellers pretty much consider Royal Mail as having no competition in the letter and large letter market but have plenty of options as parcel size and weight rises.

“Royal Mail is committed to further talks as a matter of urgency. We believe there are no grounds for industrial action. We remain committed to open and constructive engagement with the CWU. We all want a successful and sustainable company that provides good quality jobs, fairness in workloads, and continues delivering a sustainable Universal Service.”
– Royal Mail

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  1. We all want a successful and sustainable company that provides good quality jobs (LIE), fairness in workloads (LIE), and continues delivering a sustainable Universal Service.”.
    Last thing Rico the Disaster Black will worry about is the worker bees but that is the same at every Corporate Company these days everything to benefit the few at the top.

    We all know RMG need to actually evolve am afraid it never will to many legacy issues, there has to be some give and and take.

    In the meantime Amazon step up their game again. We have just had another pile of non received (not scanned by the Postman mail today), it costs a fortune.

  2. CWU seem oblivious to that any support they may have
    goes out the window with the cynical use of Christmas , using a major
    religious festival and retail sales quarter, as ransom
    we will hear the same old dribble about maximising their position etc, etc,
    though fail or refuse to understand
    we need to protect our business with alternative delivery companies

  3. An own goal.

    I get that the CWU have issues (quite possibly justifiable) with the way RM is managed. I appreciate that our local posties are hard-working types, although we too have some areas of the country where delivery scans just don’t happen.

    But this gives Amazon Shipping a massive sales boost – if eBay start accepting Amazon tracking numbers, then Royal Mail will lose a lot of eCommerce sellers forever. Whether the strike happens or not becomes irrelevant – we can’t afford the stress and uncertainty of hoping for a last-minute deal.

  4. I used to be a postie and if I was still there I would strike. People are being treated like crap and morale is on the floor. Managers are professional bullies and liars, postie’s are asked to meet unrealistic targets, bullied to do overtime or come in when sick, not paid overtime due so office can meet budget and sent out in unroadworthy vans. The whole management is corrupt and it’s only the posties on the streets holding it together.

  5. Royal Mail is a failing company poor management who think that bullying and harassment is the way to get the best from people. They’ve just had a 3pc pay rise to sell there souls to Rico Back and the devil. Shame such a great company going to the wall because of greed.

  6. Postage is one of our biggest spends, all our international mail has already moved away from Royal Mail and we got a call from Amazon last week and a rate card that competes with RM, with the threat of strikes coming up, even if my RM account manager comes back with a better price, might as well move the rest of my mail away from Royal Mail.

    I think RM staff need to realise that they might win the battle, but they are going to lose the war!!

  7. Well I hope your business won’t need to use Hermes or Yodel unless you want your important business packets threw over gates left at front doors delivered to a neighbour 3 streets way chucked in gardens left in the rain left were ever necessary to get rid of it. Good luck with that.

  8. This strike is about protecting all employees of royal mail I have worked for the buisness for 30 years and have watched it being slowly destroyed by bad management, bullying , privatisation and people like Rico back trying to break us up whilst being paid millions to do so.
    People forget about the service 99 percent of the public receive and all the postman who care about there job and people they deliver to, you’ll miss us when we are gone.

  9. All you business owners complaining about the damage strikes may have on your business’ and that you plan on moving your custom to other
    carriers is music to the CWU’s ears. Maybe it will be enough for Royal Mail management to see sense, stick to the four pillars agreement and not go back on their word.

  10. No one will be winner
    Jobs are lost not saved with futile strikes
    striking to save our jobs is a cry often heard
    Wonder how many miners . Are left to Wave that banner?

  11. With Rico Back wanting to break and sell of the company its a real race to the bottom .6 day delivery coming to end next year it’s a big turning point for the staff ,thousands of jobs will be lost its less pay more hours no pension no sick pay no holiday pay .All this at personnel gain for a few directors at the top who are not interested in future of royal mail but to make a quick buck and leave it in a mess .We have seen it in other areas where compaines are asset stripped and left on its knees .there is no need fof this strike company agreed 2 years ago to this deal its them that have broken the agreement its them that need to be accountable Rico Back does not even live in the UK

  12. So glad you are all shipping out to Amazon. That would be the same Amazon that don’t pay their fair proportion of taxes would it? Learn the background to this proposed dispute then you might have some sympathy with the postal workers. As the wife of a postie, I have watched the way he and his colleagues have been treated over recent years. Almost every decision made seems to be reneged on by the management. As long as they are alright though…..

  13. @Jill I really do not care what Amazon pay to who, they conform to current tax law, if that is a problem then get the law changed. As a postie wife you have a different point of view and interest to sellers.

    I don’t care what problems your husband and friends may have with the CWU, all I care about is my orders being delivered. Much the same as your husband and Co. don’t care about my problems with eBay or Paypal etc.

  14. I will say Amazon make millions and pay no tax but if they payed tax on every item sold work out lot better ,seems lot fairer on them us and the state,
    Through pressure by governments and local pressure from people and ex workers Amazon have arranged to pay there staff a better rate of pay and working conditions including sick and holiday, we are not robots we all have to live and have our relaxing time ,

  15. As an ex postie I can sympathise with my ex colleagues. When the working week was reduced by one hour we were given extra sorting to do as the computer said this was possible! Every day colleagues would get back late as parcel numbers increased where managers would refuse to pay overtime. You can only move so fast when customers are out and neighbours get fed up with being parcel collection points. I am so pleased to be out of it!

  16. I have worked for Royal Mail for 18 years and seen some horrendous bullying over the years including a postie who was forced out on delivery with the skin hanging off his heels due to blisters, one of many incidents I have witnessed. People who have never worked for Royal Mail shouldn’t judge , Royal Mail keep saying Mail is down and the public believe this but in truth it’s stamped Mail that’s down,I’m still delivering as much if not more mail I did 20 years ago. Maybe getting behind and supporting your postie and Cwu rm will have a better future because believe me Royal Mail do not care about you or the likes of Tyler I know because I see rounds left every week because we are under staffed, it’s about profit not the customer anymore, but keep supporting Rico back and Royal Mail as you know it is finished then you can all complain about the other super couriers!!!

  17. Do you really think The public gives a hoot
    About Rico or have even heard of him
    Christmas cards are not
    it will be postman pat with his cat that will be in the frame


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