Enhanced eBay Seller Protection live from today

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From today, eBay Top-rated Sellers in the UK will get enhanced eBay Seller Protection on listings that offer 30-day returns or more.

Up to today, all sellers were covered in instance where an item arrives late that you posted on time, you fulfilled your orders as promised but received inaccurate feedback or defects or a buyer demands changes or extras from you. Sellers will continue to be protected by eBay in these circumstance, but eBay Top-rated sellers who offer 30 days returns will get additional protection from today.

Enhanced eBay Seller Protection for Top Rated Sellers

…for false Item not as described cases

If you receive a false ‘Item not as described’ request

  • Use eBay’s recently updated Report a Buyer tool to report the case.
  • If the report qualifies for enhanced eBay Seller Protection, eBay will credit your monthly invoice for the cost of the return postage label up to £3.50.
  • For the reported case, eBay will automatically remove negative or neutral feedback, defects and the opened case in your Service metrics, if the report qualifies.

…for opened, used or damaged returns

If a returned item is opened, used or damaged by the buyer

  • Accept the return.
  • You can then deduct up to 50% off the refund to cover the lost value.
  • For the reported case, eBay will automatically remove negative or neutral feedback, defects and the opened case in your Service metrics.

There will be some limits to how many times you can use these protections to prevent abuse from sellers. Naturally eBay aren’t specifying exactly how many claims will be considered as abuse, but we’re guessing it is in part linked to your sales volumes.

17 Responses

  1. someone hacked into my ebay business account and changed the payment email address to their own but only on 2 listings so went unnoticed and all payments have been rerouted to the fraudsters paypal account instead of my company paypal account and ebay marked the items as paid and awaiting dispatch so they were dispatched so the customer has received the product and the payments for the products purchased have gone into the scammers paypal account and not our companies paypal account. total of £20399 has been stolen the ebay report says I can’t believe this has happened I want this scammer brought to justice and I want my money returned. Ebay are at fault as this is an ongoing fraud that is happening to many sellers now I can see by googling it and they should have sent an email out to there sellers making them aware of this kind of fraud going on on ebay . they notified me last week that they thought a 3rd party had logged into my account but I want to know why did they only send me this message and block my account last week and not in july when I was hacked. instead the payments are just going to the scammer and ebay is marking the items as paid and putting them in the awaiting dispatch section and im thinking they have paid and everything is as normal. my ebay account name is sonnics and my company name is sonnics.ltd our paypal email address is [email protected] and they changed it on 2 listings to [email protected] I have checked this info for the domain bought somics.co.uk it was bought the same day they started taking my payments for my items I have just investigated so you have to pay with debit or credit card to buy the domain and give your details so there details should be there? WHOIS LOOKUP somics.co.uk is already registered* Domain name: somics.co.uk Data validation: Nominet was able to match the registrant’s name and address against a 3rd party data source on 18-Feb-2019 Registrar: Namecheap, Inc. [Tag = NAMECHEAP-INC] URL: https://www.namecheap.com Relevant dates: Registered on: 03-Jul-2019 Expiry date: 03-Jul-2020 Last updated: 03-Jul-2019 Registration status: Registered until expiry date. Name servers: dns1.registrar-servers.com dns2.registrar-servers.com WHOIS lookup made at 19:53:25 30-Sep-2019 — This WHOIS information is provided for free by Nominet UK the central registry for .uk domain names. This information and the .uk WHOIS are: Copyright Nominet UK 1996 – 2019. You may not access the .uk WHOIS or use

    this has happened to many sellers since the beginning of 2018 yet ebay and paypal have not informed there sellers of this scam or have not taken any extra security measures to prevent it happening to any other sellers on ebay. they obviously don’t really care about there sellers and there marketplace being safe. They need to be held accountable and all of us that have had this happen to them need to come together and take action against ebay and paypal because they do nothing .

  2. Brilliant!! another great useless piece of assistance from eBay.

    Selling an item for £100 which costs us around £65 and where we make around 25% profit after all sales and shipping a buyer returns a product used totally and beyond resale.

    So now ebay say here you are we will protect you have £50 back so you have only lost £15 for the buyer being ripping you off.

    Well done ebay another masterclass in how to get rid of sellers.

    Oh and as we have now a site full of unscrupulous buyers we have limited the number of times we help. Meaning you will only get ripped of a bit on the first few then totally ripped off on the remainder

  3. Well i guess it is better than nothing.. we have had a string of buyers returning items used and ebay saying ‘oh well as we don’t ride along with it both ways… we can’t get involved’… In every case the buyer has gone completely silent on us and refused to communicate… doesn’t that tell you something?
    My question is, as ebay keep telling us they can’t confirm the condition the item was in going out or when the buyer returned it… what has happen? What if the buyer contests it? Will ebay pay instead of them… thus still rewarding their fraud?
    Afte rall i had a buyer admit it was new, then that they used it to see if it was suitable…. and then ebay still refused to accept that it had been used!
    …. I’m not getting my hopes up on this one, the lack of detail around it suggests that it is a lot of hot air again. After all…. what exactly does qualify it? They don’t actually tell you! After all right now photgraphic evidence and even the buyers admitance in an ebay message isn’t good enough!

  4. We sell iteks that help train dogs to stop pulling.

    Customers seem to think they can buy it and try it on then yep wrong size return Not a problem. However we have seen a huge increase since the 30 days was introduced in people using the item for a few weeks thinking its a magic bullet (not realising you still have to train your dog).
    So they then return it filthy dirty and sometimes rubbed and frayed and chewed.

    I cannot see anywhere in our listing that says try before you buy.

    So selling it as used can be a non starter totally and if possible it still becomes a nightmare as again as a business you have to accept returns and what we describe as used an d a bit mucky may not be a buyers agreement so again back it comes this time at our expense.
    So do you see how this starts to add up then add in the protection is only for a limited number of claims and its not fit for purpose.

    So again encouraged by ebay we need to get someone with aprivate account auction it off for us with no returns encouraging Tax evasion etc and bad selling practices .

    But hey ho!

    The joy of ebay.
    I am not saying everyone is a crooked buyer but it is increasing.
    Just like everyone keeps saying their accounts have been hacked by all these nice people out there.

    well i would hate to find the bad ones.

  5. Why ebay need to get their act together is as follows.

    At home this morning checking what i may need to take to work regarding sales on ebay.
    I logged in as normal all was fine and dandy.

    Arrived at work later and went to log in.

    aha!! The login page looks different. Is it genuine?

    i ring a friend that sells on ebay and ask them to check theirs its the normal login page.

    So i close my browser and do not use my favourites to get to ebay. The login page is stiull different to everyone elses.

    So i login with everything crossed!!!!

    why oh why do they keep p****ng about with stuff that just needs leaving alone. There are more important things they should be doing.

    I understand that all hacked accounts are down to the user allowing the hack to take place. After all a hacker that could hack ebay would not mess around with a few accounts till they are found maybe a few weeks they would hack every account for 10 minutes.

    Even banks do not operate fail safe systems but they could at least implement a system that says this change has taken place please confirm its you on basic high risk parts of your account.

    But for gods sake leave basic login pages as they were and stop adding to the confusion.


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