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Malcolm Barrell CEO of P2P talks about new ONETRAK serviceOften when we hear about new tools or services they are aimed at large retailers with massive turnover, so it was a real pleasure this week to speak to Malcolm Barrell, CEO of P2P to find out more about their new ONETRAK service.

The founders of P2P started out themselves as a small business and they recognise that many online sellers have the need of a modest but fully featured international delivery service so that’s what they’ve delivered. Taking all the best features from their existing TRAKPAK service, they’ve created a solution which enables you to send just one parcel, whether that be one a day, one a week, or literally a one off parcel, to anywhere in the world.

There’s no contracts, no long term commitment, just a fantastic simple accessible service that anyone can use and, if in the future your business grows, a migration path to TRAKPAK in the future. We asked Malcolm to tell us how ONETRAK can work for you:

Who are P2P

P2P, A FedEx Company, has been supporting and enabling ecommerce businesses to grow for over 10 years now. P2P’s founders set out to differentiate themselves from competitors in the logistics industry with their expertise in IT integration developments and strategic global final miles carrier partnerships.

Now part of the FedEx family, P2P operates hubs across Europe and now worldwide, shipping to over 220 destinations and territories. The business has dedicated itself to developing products that supports online ecommerce retailers through services such as TRAKPACK, UNTRAK, EXPRESS and RETURNS.

Tell us about TRAKPAK and ONETRAK


TRAKPAK is P2P’s core service designed to allow retailers and their consumers end to end tracking via a dedicated linehaul, local language communication via email and SMS, seamless site integration and only one label. TRAKPAK’s key focus is on the customer journey and how the service can best suit the end customer’s needs.

One of the key differentiators of TRAKPAK is its global network, what does that really mean? P2P, A FedEx Company, has worked hard to ensure it delivers the best service into destinations around the world and what better way to do that than utilising trusted and recognised in-country carriers. P2P has strategic partnerships with these final mile carriers, not only to improve the logistical boundaries but also to give the end consumer a local and more familiar experience when their parcel arrives at their door or pick up point.

Developing these delivery solutions into over 220 destinations across the globe has enabled P2P, A FedEx Company to grow with its customers and continue its journey to establishing what is now a renowned ecommerce logistics brand in the transportation world.


As an exciting new addition to the P2P, A FedEx company portfolio we are launching our new product ONETRAK!

Our TRAKPAK customer base ranges from medium SME’s to large corporate brands, P2P wants to offer the TRAKPAK features and benefits to eBay, Amazon and start-up businesses to help them grow into tomorrow’s brands currently leading the way in ecommerce.

ONETRAK aims to be the one stop shop for any start up ecommerce businesses, with a vision to grow.

How does ONETRAK work?

ONETRAK offers reliable tracked delivery to over 220 countries and territories. The one stop shop that gets your parcels to every corner of the globe.

The new service is available to anyone and everyone! Whether you’re an up and coming eBay, Amazon or marketplace seller or just need to send a parcel to Aunt Betty in Australia.

ONE parcel

Whether it’s one parcel or more you can rely on ONETRAK to get your parcel from one side of the globe to the other without having to worry about all the paperwork.

ONE price

Simply select the place you want to send your parcel, alongside its weight and dimensions and ONETRAK will provide one price that covers all.

ONE label

After booking your delivery the ONETRAK service only requires one label, so just print it out, attach it to your parcel and drop it into one of over 7,000 drop off locations in the UK.

ONE tracking number

Secure delivery backed up with full tracking and £50 insurance as standard.

ONE service

ONETRAK is the exciting new international delivery service brought to you by P2P, a FedEx Company. Now you can benefit from over 10 years’ of experience in delivering parcels all over the world for businesses of all sizes.

ONETRAK Service flow

Who is ONETRAK suitable for?

ONETRAK is available to everyone. It’s designed to enable start-up companies access to international delivery from the word go, without the need for setting up accounts, committing to volume numbers whilst giving the opportunity to grow.

The benefit of using ONETRAK at the start of your delivery journey is that it’s brought to you by a worldwide establish distribution company, meaning as your start up grows, we have the facility and resource to accommodate that growth and move your volume from ONETRAK onto other products like TRAKPAK. Building this business relationship from day one enables you to feel you are in safe hands and remain with a trusted delivery partner.

ONETRAK is the perfect service for a young business selling low value ecommerce goods via their own website, eBay, Amazon or other online marketplaces.

Tell us about your success

Rubicon Watch Company Limited, based in the peak district specialising in watches and clocks, a family run business that started selling watches on market stalls over 30 years ago has grown to become one of the largest independent online retailers of Seiko products in the North of England.

Ecommerce was a relatively new venture for the team launching on Amazon and eBay as well as hosting their own website. Mainly focused on the UK market the company was looking to grow their international deliveries after having a number of issues with their existing international delivery supplier.

P2P was recommended by another business that had seen the benefits of partnering with a company dedicated to international ecommerce. Almost immediately they saw the benefits of the service.

The first lane P2P focused on with Rubicon was Australia, it was clear that Rubicans previous delivery solution was not meeting the needs of the Australian online shopper, by offering a solution that utilised trusted final mile partners that the local customer could engage with meant that Rubicon’s traffic to Australia soon out stripped the traditional European markets of France and Germany becoming their top international destination, seeing a 86% increase in volume since switching.

But it is not only Australia where P2P has helped Rubicon expand their business. Australia was a market that Rubicon knew they had a customer base, but they were struggling to provide the right service. However, Israel was a destination relatively unknown.
Israel is one of the fastest growing ecommerce markets with a propensity for fashion – particularly high-end fashion and designer wear. The Rubicon Watch Company Ltd brand was a perfect fit for that market and after discussing the opportunities the company decided to launch on the Israel eBay account and push into this market.

Since this launch at the end of 2018 Rubicon have seen over 35% increase in sales to Israel.

Already in just one month (July 18) Rubicon have increased and outperformed their entire 2018 peak period by 5 % with international exports making up 60% of all sales.

What should I do next?

If you are thinking of taking your business to the next level and you would like the help of P2P, A FedEx Company, to grow and guide you through the process, send your first parcel today!

Visit the ONETRAK website for a quote and send your first ecommerce parcel across the globe today.

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2 Responses

  1. There is only one courier option for parcels between 1 and 10 kilos = Collect+

    There is no option above 10 kilos. Or am i missing something?

  2. Not good. Their banner says up to 30kg to Italy and the quote says maximum weight 10kg and like the other poster Colect+ which is far from competitive.


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